7 Best PSP Games That Deserve a Remake because nothing else comes close to them

Some games are left rotting on the PlayStation Portable (PSP). These games need to be remade so that the new generations can also experience them again in modern platforms, and updated to the quality that is now standard in modern times. Here are seven of the best PSP games that deserve a remake.

Best psp games that deserve a remake

7. Sweet Fuse: At Your Side

Sweet Fuse: At Your Side is on this list solely because there are far too few visual novels that got released on the PSP. This was corrected on the failed PlayStation Vita, and there seems to be a rise in the popularity of the genre across platforms. Those who missed Sweet Fuse: At Your Side at the time of its release should be given a second chance.

This is an otome game, mixing mystery and romance, where players embody Saki Inafune in a bid to save hostages taken by Count Hogstein at her uncle's video game theme park. The plot unfolds through various paths, each revealing different aspects of the overarching story, but with uneven distribution of mystery, occasionally focusing more on emotional character narratives than on unraveling the core plot.

There are certain elements like puzzle-solving segments that may be a bit shallow, but this is not a puzzler anyway. The graphics and character designs are excellent. The music is atmospheric even on the PSP's tinny speakers.

6. NFL Street 3

Arcade versions of sports games have experienced a sharp decline in this console generation. Publishers tend to favor casino-like experiences over arcade games, prioritizing simulation sports games that are slower and require more time to pick up and play.

NFL Street 3, an arcade-style game centered on American football, offers fast-paced and hard-hitting gameplay. This simplified version of football showcases seven-on-seven gameplay, streamlined playbooks, and real NFL players. Additionally, NFL Street 3 introduces the "Respect the Street" single-player career mode, which spans various locations across the United States, providing cash rewards, gear, and respect points. Winning games unlocks new areas, plays, and additional player options.

The visual quality of the PSP version somehow appears better than that of the PlayStation 2 version, although this might be due to nostalgia. Even when looking past the nostalgia, NFL Street 3 is worth revisiting, considering its prolonged absence has been difficult to endure for NFL fans.

5. Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

It is true, there is already a modern port of this game for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, but what this game really needs is a remake. It does not need to have the Final Fantasy VII remake treatment, but rather a more substantial reimagining which is more than a high-res QOL remaster. This PSP port is based on the inferior Japanese version of the game, hence a remake should be an order.

This game follows the story of Lenneth, a Valkyrie who collects and shapes souls for a celestial war. While the first half revolves around collecting souls and their stories, the second half advances the main narrative while continuing to gather souls. The characters are intriguing, although their development could be more substantial.

Graphically, the game presents a mix of 3D world maps and detailed 2D sprites, albeit slightly blurry at times. The addition of stunning CGI scenes by Square Enix enhances the visual experience. The music department includes voice acting, sound effects, and a captivating musical score.

The control scheme adapts to the PSP, offering various mechanics in different game scenarios. The battles involve turn-based combat and require a slight learning curve. The unique game structure, divided into chapters, involves point-based actions and dungeon exploration. The combat system requires strategic planning, including character-specific attack speeds, combos, and skills.

4. Valkyria Chronicles II

Valkyria Chronicles II, a strategy RPG, combines 2D battlefield views with 3D third-person action sequences. This is a sequel to the much revered PlayStation 3 strategy game. Players command units using command points (CP) to navigate the field and engage enemies. The gameplay seamlessly blends strategy and action, with unit-specific movement limitations and a variety of weapons impacting combat dynamics.

The game's objective in battles ranges from defeating enemy commanders to capturing bases, defending bases, escorting vehicles, or eliminating all enemies. The strategic use of classes like Scouts, Shocktroopers, Lancers, Engineers, and Armor Tech. The RPG management aspect involves leveling up classes, developing equipment, and exploring character personalities that manifest as Potentials, adding unique elements to the gameplay. The story follows Avan and his companions amid a civil war, offering a wealth of character interactions and cutscenes.

This game badly needs a remake since it is stuck on the PSP. Its Japan-only sequel, Valkyria Chronicles III suffers a much worse fate. These games are too good to be forgotten on a dead platform without ports, oh, at all.

3. Def Jam: Fight for NY

The Def Jam series on the PlayStation consoles is one of the best fighting games out there. There is a certain 'oomph' in the sound and visuals for every tackle and blow. Def Jam: Fight For NY: The Takeover, is a portable version of the series that has never been seen again.

In the story mode, players begin as a street fighter, customizing their character's appearance with various options available throughout the game. There are five distinct styles—Kickboxing, Wrestling, Martial Arts, Submission, and Street Fighting—each offering unique move sets and abilities. Players can expand their repertoire by learning additional styles or mastering one in-depth. Fights are brutal, and enjoyable, and feature outrageous finishing moves when the "Blazin'" meter is filled. The arenas play a crucial role, with various interactive elements like cages, breakable objects, and crowds.

With the unique premise of the game being rappers having to fight physically, this game should revive involving the current crop of rappers. Imagine Drake versus J. Cole?

2. Outrun 2006: Coast to Coast

Outrun 2006: Coast to Coast has a cult following. This following is not ironic, nor do they only have this fandom of the game since this game is eternally delisted on every platform. This racer is one of the best racers of its generation and it's a shame that the franchise is dead. The foundations it set in Outrun 2006: Coast to Coast is a great jump point.

The detailed stages across the 30 tracks make racing feel so good. In terms of gameplay, Outrun 2006 combines the style of an arcade racer with elements reminiscent of the Need for Speed Underground series, especially the drifting mechanics. The game offers simplistic controls and drift-oriented racing that becomes more manageable with better cars.

Players have different gameplay modes to explore, including the "impress your girl" mode that offers an addictive and entertaining experience similar to SEGA's own Crazy Taxi series. The game's standard races, drift contests, and knockout rounds introduce different challenges, with races connecting multiple stages via highways.

Performance-wise, this arcade racer features quick load times. The game also includes online gameplay, time trials, an older game version, and a branching path mode with 30 stages.

1. Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

The G.O.A.T. desperately needed a remake ages ago, especially considering the lackluster performance of War of the Lions on the PSP. There have been leaks hinting at an inevitable remake for this game, and until then, we implore Square Enix to heed our calls and release a remake of this magnum opus.

For those who are unfamiliar with Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, it is a turn-based strategy game employing familiar Final Fantasy Tactics. There are job systems, Chocobo, Cids, and Summons. This game is set in Ivalice, just like Final Fantasy XII.

While the PlayStation One version exists, War of the Lions boasts superior translations, additional features, and anime cutscenes. This should serve as the foundation for the remake, and nothing else.