7 Favorite Game Boy Memories: Redditors Speak Out

Reddit stands as one of the finest destinations on the internet to unearth candid and genuine opinions on various subjects. Within this list, we've curated seven exceptional stories centered around Game Boy consoles. While poverty is a common theme, these stories are rich in emotions and nostalgia.

Favorite Game Boy Memories: Redditors Speak Out

7. The Game Boy Itself

Not everyone is blessed enough to own any video game consoles when they are young. One Redditor shared his experience about how they got into Game Boy gaming just by babysitting. They were able to sneak in and play the portable console of his ward, who was unappreciative of how lucky he was to own the pioneering mainstream handheld console.

Funny enough, the Redditor failed at being a babysitter while slowly succumbing to video game addiction. Was it worth it? Probably, since the Redditor seems to be in a good headspace.

6. Super Mario Land

This is a very heartfelt story shared by the Redditor. It is a combination of grief and family drama with Super Mario Land as a backdrop. It is one summer but the memories are both aplenty and intense.

While video games are fun, this Redditor's story teaches the readers that connecting with people, especially with family members is the better source of good memories. People may have different experiences with their family members, some good, some horrible, but for the good ones, it transcends a thousandfold to even the best video game memories.

5. Conker Pocket Tales

The Redditor itself concluded that Conker Pocket Tales is not the best game in the world. Conker's Pocket Tales was a mixed bag for critics when it came out in 1999. Some praised it as one of the best Game Boy Color games at the time, with colorful and detailed graphics, a catchy soundtrack, and a large and varied adventure. Others criticized it as a bland and unoriginal clone of Mario Kart and The Legend of Zelda, with pixelated and blurry graphics, a repetitive soundtrack, and simple and easy gameplay. The game also did not use the Banjo-Kazooie license very well and did not appeal to the older fans of Rare's games. 

All of these critics' nonsense does not matter. The Redditor ties his treasured memories to a mediocre game like it is a world-beater. Sometimes, games are just that, games.

4. The Game Boy Games Themselves

Let us shed the emotional part of our humanity and let's go for what matters: money. In this funny one-sentence short story, the swerve is right up with the plot twists in most Xeno games. The Game Boy and its games, and other previous generation video game consoles, have shot up in terms of pricing due to renewed interest. Or, the once poor kids who played these games have finally the budget to rekindle these games.

3. Golden Sun 2

The Golden Sun games on the GBA are considered one of the best RPGs of all time, and generally, the best GBA games period. Due to the interconnection of the first game and the second game, the developers employed a password system to transfer the progress of players in the first game to the second game.

There are three grades of passwords: bronze, silver, and gold, which transfer different amounts of information. The gold password is the longest and transfers everything, including items, coins, stats, and events. The password system allows the player to continue the story and access exclusive content in the second game. 

These passwords are really lengthy. The Redditor's experience is actually universal. This is what makes their story special as it is pretty common.

2. Pokémon Gold

Pokémon Gold sequel to Pokémon Red and Blue, and introduces 100 new Pokémon, a new region called Johto, a real-time clock system, and many other features. The game received critical acclaim for its graphics, sound, gameplay, and story, and is considered to be one of the best Pokemon games ever.

One of the most surprising aspects of Pokémon Gold is that after completing the main story in Johto, the player can access the previous region of Kanto and challenge the eight Gym Leaders there. This effectively doubles the size of the game world and adds more content and replay value. The player can also revisit some of the locations and characters from the first games, and see how they have changed over time. 

1. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

In The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Players find themselves on the mysterious island of Koholint, tasked with awakening the Wind Fish. The game masterfully combined elements from previous home console titles introduced new gameplay dynamics and created a unique gaming experience within the Zelda universe.

The transition to the Gameboy platform allowed for quick, on-the-go gaming, but Link's Awakening was anything but shallow. It offered a deep and immersive journey, complete with dungeons, puzzles, diverse landscapes, and memorable characters. The overworld map, divided into grid-like squares, encouraged exploration, and the dungeons, blending top-down and side-scrolling views, provided engaging challenges. The game's innovative item system allowed players to customize their control scheme, even combining items for strategic advantages. A trading sequence added complexity and enjoyment to the adventure, requiring players to exchange items with various characters.

Hence, this Redditor's story is incredibly relatable since if there is one game that you have with you on your Game Boy, it should be Link's Awakening. The adventure provided in this game exceeds even those modern games with hundreds of terabytes worth of files.