7 Best Game Boy Advance Action Games to keep your energy going

Apart from platformers, action games are among the numerous titles expected on a Nintendo handheld. As a result, it becomes quite challenging to rank the best Game Boy Advance action games. Nevertheless, after painstaking selection, here are seven of the finest action games on the platform.

Best game boy advance action games

7. Rayman Advance

Rayman on the Game Boy Color (GBA)is an exceptional platformer that excels in providing solid gameplay and back-to-basics fun. The game follows Rayman's quest to save the imprisoned Toons and restore light to the world by defeating the evil Mr. Dark. While the game lacks revolutionary ideas, its well-balanced pacing and finely tuned level designs create a highly enjoyable and sometimes challenging experience. The variety of levels, including flying segments and clever shadow-chasing sequences, are well-implemented and breaks the monotony.

These action games have stunning character designs. Its lush and detailed worlds add to its gorgeous art style. The sound, although a bit repetitive, contributes to the game's atmosphere, complementing the fast and furious gameplay. The main objective, defeating Mr. Dark, can be completed in a few hours, but pursuing additional challenges like freeing all the Toons and exploring the secret world offers a more extended and rewarding experience.

Rayman stands as a testament to the enduring fun of 2D platforming, proving that solid gameplay can outshine gimmicks and tricks. It serves as a reminder that platforming can still captivate players and provide an enjoyable gaming experience, even without flashy extras. Although the game lacks innovation and more levels would have been welcome, Rayman's addictive and intelligent gameplay sets it apart as a triumph in the world of platformers.

6. Sonic Advance

Sonic Advance is a pivotal game in the gaming industry, marking the transition from Mario's dominance to Sonic's rise as a cool and fast-paced character. The game impresses with outstanding graphics, including impressive wireframe animation sequences and hand-drawn background graphics. It successfully combines past and present elements, presenting a new Sonic with added abilities and dynamic terrain not seen in previous versions.

The sound in Sonic Advance is a notable improvement, with lower-toned and less whiny jump effects and a dynamic charge effect for the spin dash. However, some fans may miss the hummable mixes of previous versions. The music quality is higher, although the compositions may feel different to some players. The remixed songs from previous Sonic games add a nostalgic touch to the experience.

Sonic Advance focuses on speed, reflecting the very characteristics of Sonic's character. The game maintains the Genesis foundation but utilizes Gameboy Advance's hardware to its advantage, evident in the levels with transparency effects and diverse terrain. The addition of the Chao Emerald Launch Pad brings new exploration elements.

As mentioned inclusion of the Tiny Chao Garden is a curious addition, offering a delightful diversion from the main game and allowing Chao raising with decent features. Sonic Advance remains to this day a must-buy for Sonic enthusiasts and portable action game fans alike.

5. Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

Hal Laboratories always delivers. This Kirby installment stands out by focusing on cooperation, allowing four players to link up their Game Boy Advances and each play as one of the four Kirbies simultaneously. The game's massive nine-area world is interconnected, forming a giant maze that can be explored solo or with friends using the Kirby Cellphone to call for help.

Kirby's and the Amazing Mirror introduces a variety of powers, including classic ones like Crash and Cook, along with favorites from previous Kirby games. There are also numerous collectibles, such as 39 Treasures that unlock new options and bonuses, keeping players engaged and striving for completion.

The production is just top-notch. The music and sound in Amazing Mirror are a delight, featuring cute and catchy tunes that match the game's joyful atmosphere. The graphics resemble those of the SNES Kirby days, maintaining the classic look that fans adore. With its abundant content and non-linear gameplay, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror is a replayable monster of a game.

4. Astroboy: Omega Factor

Astro Boy: Omega Factor excels in various aspects, making it one of the best GBA games in history. The graphics are mostly impressive, while the sound and music are just decent. Nevertheless, the narrative of this game is one of the better ones even though it is an action game. The writer’s really shot for the stars.

Contrary to usual expectations, the plot of Astro Boy: Omega Factor far surpasses the typical game based on a show or movie. It exceeds the storytelling of many original games, keeping players intrigued and surprised. The game requires multiple playthroughs to fully grasp the intricate and captivating plot twists.

The game's controls are exceptional, even by GBA standards, providing a satisfying and enjoyable gameplay experience. The battles are engaging, and the level design evades tediousness.

Astro Boy: Omega Factor comes highly recommended, especially to Megaman fans, and even Contra fans, and Metal Slug fans. The game's engaging core gameplay and mysterious plot make it suitable for anyone looking for an excellent beat-em-up.

3. Mega Man Zero

Mega Man Zero may be the most challenging game of the franchise. The player now controls the titular character Zero, and the enemies and challenges are tailored to his abilities. The skill system has been revamped to suit Zero's style, offering a range of weapons and skills to level up and acquire through Cyber-Elves. The fast-paced action and short levels make it ideal for a portable game.

Mega Man games are known for their amazing controls. In this game, the controls are spot-on, with everything easy to execute and use effectively. The addition of an option to toggle between primary and secondary weapons addresses any previous control issues.

The graphics in this game are exceptional, surpassing even some SNES titles. The character designs are well-designed, and the boss characters stand out as particularly impressive. Though, the US version's censorship of "blood" doesn't hinder the overall experience, and the smooth animations are still a sight to behold.

Megaman Zero is undoubtedly one of the best games on the Game Boy Advance and a must-buy for side-scrolling action fans, not just Megaman megafans. With its polished graphics, solid gameplay, engaging story, and excellent controls, it offers an outstanding action game experience.

2. Metroid Fusion

Metroid Fusion shows a significant leap from its predecessor in terms of graphics which may be given that it is almost a decade since the last Metroid game at that point in time. Nevertheless, the Game Boy Advance is still a handheld device.

While the character design is quite incredible, the backgrounds are the real highlight, with stunning and colorful visuals. Metroid Fusion lives up to the series' reputation for great sound and music. The game offers a diverse range of tunes that match the different areas and situations.

Metroid Fusion's story is a standout feature, unlike any previous game. It focuses heavily on narrative, telling a compelling tale of investigation and infestation. The plot delves into darker themes and showcases dramatic moments that keep players engaged.

The gameplay follows the classic formula, blending action, platforming, and puzzle elements. The main character gains new abilities and upgrades as she progresses through the game. While some fans criticize the perceived linearity, the game still allows for exploration and non-linear play. The addition of certain mechanics is a minor change from previous games. Metroid Fusion offers multiple endings, encouraging players to replay and explore different paths.

1. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

Aria of Sorrow is a refreshing and captivating addition to the Castlevania series, breaking away from the Symphony of the Night clones while delivering a compelling story. Set in 2035, the game follows Soma Cruz, a foreign exchange student, who finds himself in Castlevania after a solar eclipse. As he explores the castle, he encounters mysterious characters and uncovers the truth behind Dracula's return.

The graphics in Aria of Sorrow are exceptional, boasting smooth animations and detailed backgrounds that rival PlayStation One games. The character sprites are beautifully crafted, and the text dialogue is accompanied by stunning character portraits by Ayami Kojima.

The sound is a significant improvement over the previous installment, with excellent tunes composed by Michiru Yamane, who worked on Symphony of the Night. The soundtrack is a worthy addition to the Castlevania legacy, offering an enchanting experience when played with headphones.

Sorrow of Aria is a perfect blend of action, sidescrolling, and RPG elements. Aria of Sorrow introduces the Soul System, where Soma can collect souls from defeated enemies, granting him various abilities. The game offers fast-paced and challenging gameplay, making it a genre-bending adventure.

With multiple endings, Boss Rush mode, additional playthroughs, and various modes to explore, Aria of Sorrow provides extensive replay value and keeps players busy as a bee long after completing the main story. It stands as one of the greatest games of all time and not just a must-have title for any Game Boy Advance owner.