7 Best Game Boy Color Puzzle Games to should sharpen your logic

The Game Boy Color, a portable gaming console that holds a special place in the hearts of gamers, offers a delightful assortment of puzzle games beyond the legendary Tetris' natural evolution—Tetris DX. These captivating puzzlers have not only entertained players of the past but have also served as inspiration for numerous clones and adaptations enjoyed on today's mobile phones. Below are the seven best puzzle games on the Game Boy Color.

Best game boy color puzzle games

7. Logical

Puzzle games predominantly rely on the player's logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. So, it is most logical to have the first puzzle Game Boy Color game on this list be actually titled Logical. Players need to grasp the mechanics involving pipes, gears, and marbles first, then a satisfying gameplay rhythm should follow suit.

At the top of the screen, a pipe serves as the entry point for the next marble. The marble enters the playing field whether intercepted by a gear or a gear-connected pipe. The player's role is to seize control from this point onward. The velocity at which marbles traverse the top and the pipes depends on the selected speed level—offering a choice between fast and slow. Players must direct them toward the various gears by skillfully shooting marbles (using the B button and the desired direction). When four marbles of the same color (blue, green, red, or yellow) find their place within a gear, an explosion ensues, clearing the gear and making way for additional marbles.

6. Hexcite: The Shapes of Victory

Hexcite is a Game Boy Color puzzle game that features various gameplay modes centered around placing geometric shapes on a hexagonal game board. Players earn points based on the number of edges their pieces touch, with bonus points awarded for completing hexagons.

The graphics are simple, with different colored shapes on a white background. The soundtrack consists of repetitive but suitable music options and sound effects. But at least the music is not grating to the ears.

The game offers high replay value, particularly in its two-player mode, which can be played either with two systems or by taking turns on a single system. Additional challenge levels and puzzles provide variety and keep players engaged. Hexcite possesses a certain charm that lies in its ability to simultaneously captivate and frustrate players, particularly when encountering levels that require more than an hour to conquer.

5. Bust-a-Move 4

The Bust-A-Move series is a popular tile-matching puzzle game series with colorful bubbles, cheerful music, and vibrant visuals. The objective is to clear the playing arena by grouping three or more bubbles of the same color together. The ceiling continuously lowers, adding challenge and requiring the player to prevent bubbles from crossing the bottom line. The game offers diverse gameplay suitable for both beginners and experts, with various modes and difficulties to try.

Bust-A-Move 4 introduces new features such as the pulley system, where popping bubbles on one side lowers the other, and the "Chain Reaction" that causes bubbles to shift and create a chain of popped bubbles. The Game Boy Color version of the game includes modes like Puzzle Mode, where players progress through lettered tiles, Player vs. CPU for head-to-head battles, and Challenge Mode which ranks players based on skill level.

Despite the limitations of the portable gaming console’s cartridge, the game offers over 300 levels and random bubble occurrences, ensuring endless gameplay possibilities. Bust-A-Move 4 is the exact definition of a portable game as players can play a level, a few minutes at a time without missing a bit.

4. Chou Gals! Kotobuki Ran 2

Chou Gals! Kotobuki Ran 2 is a game based on the anime series Super GALS! Kotobuki Ran, which focuses on the gyaru culture of Japanese youth during the late '90s and early '00s. The gameplay is similar to Tetris, with the objective of stacking and clearing blocks to reach a certain number of points before the timer runs out.

The game offers various modes, including a story mode with minimal dialogue, character challenge stages, and a relaxing mode without a timer. The fashion element allows players to unlock clothes and dress up the characters. While the game is in Japanese, this does not matter much because, aside from the actual story being bare-bones, it is a puzzle game to begin with.

The graphics are detailed and the art style resembles the show, with clear sprites and backgrounds. The music is pleasant but limited in variety, while the sound effects are not particularly memorable. The game is fun, engaging, and suitable for fans of Tetris-style games and Super GALS! Such an interesting Venn diagram that should be.

3. Pocket Puyo Puyo Sun

Pocket Puyo Sun is an addictive puzzle game with falling blobs that can be rotated and connected to make them disappear. The challenge is high, and the game offers new features and surprises if certain tasks are completed. The controls are responsive, and the story, although funny, may seem odd, Japanese style. The audio and video quality is excellent, with catchy music and great sound effects.

The graphics are colorful and cute, especially on the Game Boy Color. The game has high replayability, with no load times, a desire to beat the game, perfect skills and score, achieve higher scores in different modes, and collect all the cards. It is recommended to buy the game for those who enjoy puzzle games and those who are curious how this game essentially combined with the puzzle game royalty Tetris into Puyo Puyo Tetris of today.

2. Toki Tori

This game follows the adventures of a little chicken named Toki Tori, who must rescue his stolen eggs across four worlds filled with brain-teasing puzzles and challenging monsters. The game's presentation is top-notch, with beautifully drawn introduction sequences, impressive graphics, and atmospheric sound that immerses players in the game's world.

In terms of gameplay, Toki Tori offers a save-'em-up experience reminiscent of the classic Lemmings game. Players control Toki Tori as they navigate each level, collecting eggs and utilizing a variety of skills to overcome obstacles. With a total of ten unique skills to learn throughout the game, players are introduced to new abilities gradually, allowing for a smooth learning curve. The level design is superb, providing a mix of red herrings, potential pitfalls, and intricate puzzles that require careful planning and resource management.

The graphics in Toki Tori are impressive, with detailed character animations, distinctive enemy designs, and visually appealing environments. The game makes excellent use of the Game Boy Color's capabilities, offering stunning visuals that add to the overall experience. The music is atmospheric and the tunes are catchy, enhancing the gameplay and setting the right mood for each level.

With its addictive gameplay, challenging puzzles, and extensive content, Toki Tori offers significant replayability. The game features a battery save function that tracks progress, making it possible to continue where you left off and strive for better completion times and egg collection. With sixty levels spread across four worlds, including additional challenging levels, Toki Tori provides a lengthy and engaging gameplay experience that will keep players entertained for decades.

1. Tetris DX

Tetris DX is a timeless iteration of an already classic puzzle game. With four game modes, including Marathon, Ultra, 40 Lines, and VS. COM, the game offers a variety of challenges to keep players engaged. The gameplay is simple yet compelling, as players must fit falling blocks into gaps to create lines and prevent the blocks from reaching the top of the screen. It's a game that anyone can pick up and enjoy, regardless of age or gaming experience.

While the graphics may not be groundbreaking, Tetris DX makes excellent use of the Game Boy Color's capabilities by offering vibrant colors for the blocks and sharp visuals overall. The addition of color adds to the Tetris experience, making the G.O.A.T much more enjoyable. The sound design is minimal but fitting, with a few different sound bytes to accompany the gameplay.

Tetris has remained one of the most popular and beloved video games of all time, appealing to a wide audience and standing the test of time. The simplicity of the gameplay, combined with its addictive nature, ensures that players will keep coming back for more. It's a game that can be played for hours on end, making it an excellent choice for long car trips or any situation where you need a portable game to keep you entertained.