7 Best Nintendo 3DS Compilation Games which are packed with value

During the lifespan of a console, mostly at the end of it, compilation or collection of games are being released by the publishers. They may be retro or previous gen games, but sometimes they just release twofers of a current gen games. Here are seven of the best compilation games on the 3DS.

Best Nintendo 3DS compilation games

7. 10-in-1 Arcade

10-in-1: Arcade Collection is a diverse selection of simple yet engaging games, drawing inspiration from classic arcade titles like Space Invaders, Breakout, and Puyo Puyo. While lacking the licenses of these iconic games, the collection presents a variety of genres, including shooters, platformers, logic puzzles, and more, each with a straightforward objective aimed at achieving high scores or lasting as long as possible.

The compilation begins with titles like Black Nightmares, a Space Invaders clone with a twist, and Gem Breaker, reminiscent of Breakout, offering addictive gameplay and challenging levels. Special Delivery introduces an automatically-scrolling platformer, providing a gripping and challenging experience as players navigate obstacles and enemies while collecting coins.

Box Logic offers a refreshing change of pace with its logic puzzle gameplay, requiring players to strategize and plan moves carefully to progress through increasingly complex levels. Tangled Space and Perfect Landing bring classic arcade experiences with their takes on Asteroids and landing simulations, respectively, offering simple yet enjoyable gameplay that captures the essence of arcade gaming.

The visuals are pleasing, with varied graphics and smooth gameplay across all titles. It is mostly the nostalgic appeal that launches this game into the moon. This old-school arcade collection is not just great for its target audience, it is also a title that will not alienate new gamers. 

6. Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack

Azure Striker Gunvolt presents a refreshing take on the action platformer genre, drawing inspiration from classics like Mega Man while introducing innovative gameplay mechanics centered around electricity. Set in a world where adepts possess supernatural abilities, players control Gunvolt, a powerful adept working to resist the oppressive Sumeragi Group. The storyline, while compelling, suffers from underdeveloped characters due to translation issues, but still offers engaging interactions between Gunvolt and Joule, the mysterious girl he protects.

Azure Striker truly is a fast-paced platformer combined with strategic combat. Gunvolt's lightning powers provide a unique twist, requiring players to strategically use the flashfield and tag enemies to unleash devastating attacks. The level design encourages mastery through replayability, with stages subtly teaching players advanced techniques while accommodating varying skill levels. The replayability of this game is due to the extensive gear customization and challenges for each stage.

As to sights and sounds, Azure Striker impresses with its polished sprite work and dynamic soundtrack. The game's anime-inspired aesthetic and energetic presentation add to its charm. Azure Striker Gunvolt stands as one of the best titles available on the 3DS, offering a blend of nostalgic appeal and modern innovation in one complete package.

5. Bit.Trip Saga

This compilation consists of six extra unique games. Bit.Trip is a refreshing take on the rhythm game genre by allowing players to create music through skillful gameplay rather than simply following a beat. Each game in the collection presents a different gameplay mechanic, ranging from pong-esque gameplay in Bit.Trip Beat to platforming and rail shooting in subsequent titles.

Bit.Trip Saga is an engaging and addictive gameplay perfect for short sessions or extended play sessions. The addition of 3D visuals enhances the graphics. While lacking in extra features compared to other versions of the game, the portable nature of the 3DS version makes it a convenient option for on-the-go gaming.

Bit.Trip Saga offers excellent value for the price of its release, it is a diverse and an amazing collection of games. Bit.Trip Saga delivers musical fun and excitement on the go.

4. Mega Man Legacy Collection

Capcom's Mega Man Legacy Collection deserves recognition not only for its value as a collection but also for its homage to gaming history. In a gaming landscape where obtaining classic titles can be as easy as downloading emulators, this compilation stands out for its significance. With six iconic games that have left an indelible mark on gaming culture, this collection demands respect and deserves a place in the library of any self-proclaimed gamer.

The inclusion of the original Mega Man series, spanning from the first to the sixth installment, serves as a reminder of the franchise's enduring legacy. These games represent a bygone era of gaming excellence and showcase the evolution of the series, with each subsequent title introducing new mechanics and improvements. Whether you're a seasoned fan or a newcomer, experiencing these classics on a handheld platform is a nostalgic treat.

Beyond the core games, the Mega Man Legacy Collection offers a wealth of additional content. From original artwork and concept designs to challenging gameplay trials, Capcom has gone the extra mile to provide fans with a comprehensive package. Features like the ability to choose between the original Japanese and American versions of the game demonstrate a thoughtful attention to detail that is sure to be appreciated by longtime fans of the franchise.

3. Sega 3D Classics Collection

Developed by M2, a long-time partner of Sega, this compilation offers a range of game genres that are sure to appeal to a wide audience. From racing and puzzle games to shoot-em-ups and beat-em-ups, there's something here for everyone, making it a worthwhile addition to any gaming library particularly the 3DS.

Each game in the collection is presented with meticulous attention to detail, with enhancements that elevate the gaming experience. Power Drift has detailed graphics and unique gameplay mechanics, while Puyo Puyo 2 stands out for its engaging puzzle gameplay and strategic depth. Even the weaker entries, such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Altered Beast, offer something of value.

The inclusion of extra content, such as three Master System games is another reason for the high ranking of this compilation on this list. While these extras may not be as significant as the main titles, they offer a welcome bonus for those looking to explore more of Sega's gaming history. The compilation's presentation is polished and user-friendly, with intuitive menus and save state functionality.

Whether you're a fan of retro gaming or simply looking for some classic titles to enjoy on your 3DS or 2DS, this compilation has plenty to offer. From thrilling arcade action to brain-teasing puzzles, Sega's Classics Collection is a no-brainer purchase.

2. Angry Birds Trilogy

There was a time in our lives where Angry Birds was the bomb. The mobile giant hit the 3DS like a truck with a compilation that is arguably better than the mobile original. The Angry Birds Trilogy for Nintendo 3DS offers classic Angry Birds gameplay across 700 levels, delivering entertaining and innovative physics-based challenges. With diverse bird abilities and level designs, players can tackle each stage in multiple ways, ensuring high replayability.

This Angry Birds compilation maintains the colorful and vibrant art style of its predecessors, with smooth animations and realistic physics. The game offers extensive playtime, with a basic playthrough estimated at 80 to 100 hours and comprehensive completion surpassing 200 hours. Its high replayability stems from the non-linear progression and the multitude of side content, including achievements, bonus levels, and collectibles. The Angry Birds Trilogy offers a compelling package for players seeking the original classic which core gameplay and physics are not being used by the modern renditions anymore. 

1. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney brings the classic courtroom drama to life in a memorable and enjoyable package. This compilation for the Nintendo 3DS combines the first three games of the series, updating graphics and sound for a fresh experience. With its engaging gameplay, witty humor, and iconic "OBJECTION!" moments, Phoenix Wright offers legally acceptable entertainment. 

The gameplay seamlessly blends courtroom logic puzzles with investigative point-and-click segments. In court, players must dismantle witness testimonies with evidence to prove their clients' innocence. Investigations between trials involve gathering clues and uncovering the truth behind each case. 

The game’s visuals receive a significant upgrade with redrawn sprites and improved animations. The 3D effect enhances the atmosphere, making it one of the few 3DS games where the 3D feature feels integral. Sound-wise, the original DS music remains unchanged but maintains its excellence, while voice clips like "OBJECTION!" are crisply updated.

At its core, Phoenix Wright shines with its compelling plot and memorable characters. Players step into the shoes of rookie defense attorney Phoenix Wright, navigating through murder cases to uncover the truth. The witty writing and clever pop culture references add to the charm, making each case engaging and entertaining.