7 Best Nintendo 3DS Fighting Games where you can dash dance your way to victory

Of all the genres in video games, it was the fighting game that is considered the best on the Nintendo 3DS. It is almost mandatory that fighting games must have peak performance to be playable. Here are seven of the best fighting games on the dedicated portable gaming device with a 3D gimmick.

Best nintendo 3DS fighting games

7. WWE All Stars

WWE All Stars on Nintendo 3DS is a surprising port of the home console version with its polished graphics, smooth gameplay, and abundant content. Unlike its PlayStation Portable counterpart, the 3DS version boasts improved visuals, without the glitches, and incorporates all character DLCs from the console versions along with new modes, elevating the portable wrestling experience to new heights.

In WWE All Stars, players are treated to a nostalgic ring action reminiscent of the Nintendo 64 era, featuring exaggerated moves and high-flying action. The roster includes legendary wrestlers from the past and current superstars, each with distinct move sets and attributes. 

With a plethora of game modes, including returning match types and new additions like Score Scramble and Gauntlet, WWE All Stars offers a variety of challenges and experiences. The Gauntlet mode, in particular, provides a formidable challenge by pitting players against consecutive opponents, requiring strategic gameplay and skillful execution. WWE All Stars is a must-have for wrestling fans, offering hours of entertainment and replayability on the Nintendo 3DS platform. It may not be a “fighting game” in the strictest sense, but it is loads of fun on a handheld console not really known for fighters.

6. Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden

Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden offers a blend of styles from earlier DBZ games, drawing inspiration primarily from Hyper Dimension" and "Supersonic Warriors." It boasts a decent character selection, some characters are duplicated as both "normal" and "Super Saiyans”. The Z-Assist feature adds depth by allowing players to summon supporting characters to perform attacks or provide support, ranging from well-known to obscure characters.

There are also Team Modes. "Dragon Team" offers a familiar journey through DBZ's story, some characters have their own "What If" modes, though many are minor and lack significant changes. The "Adventure Mode" stands out, combining elements from "Fusion Reborn," "Battle Of Gods," and "Shin Budokai," with enjoyable character interactions. However, unlocking Z-Assist characters may require stringent requirements.

"Extreme World Tournament" challenges players with a gauntlet of tough battles, while "Battle Mode" offers traditional 1P vs. CPU matches. Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden is a decent diversion for fighting game and Dragon Ball fans as it offers enjoyable gameplay and nostalgic appeal for fans of the franchise.

5. Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion

Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion may not have received stellar ratings from video game journalists, but for fans of Cartoon Network (especially from the 90s) and Super Smash Bros, it's a gem of a fighting game. The game features 18 playable characters and 19 assist characters from 11 different Cartoon Network properties, offering a nostalgic battle royale experience.

Players can control beloved characters like the Powerpuff Girls, Dexter, Ben 10, and even Captain Planet, among others. The game is divided into Story Mode, which plays as a platformer with detailed settings from CN shows, and Battle Mode, which mimics the gameplay mechanics of Super Smash Bros. In Battle Mode, players aim to throw opponents out of the stage, with damage percentage indicating susceptibility to being knocked out.

In addition to basic gameplay mechanics, various items appear on the stage to help deal more damage to opponents. Players can also activate assist boxes to summon additional characters to aid them or wreak havoc. Damaging opponents fills the PTE gauge, allowing characters to unleash powerful "limit break" attacks. The battle arenas are taken from CN cartoon properties and are intricately detailed as well.

Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion is a must-buy for fans of Cartoon Network and offers a nostalgic trip back to the network's classic shows. T game delivers enjoyable gameplay and plenty of fan service for those who grew up watching Cartoon Network in the 90s.

4. Dead or Alive: Dimensions

Dead or Alive: Dimensions revitalizes the franchise with its accessible yet deep gameplay, making it a great title for both beginners and veterans. Unlike previous entries, it caters to newcomers by offering comprehensive tutorials and a cohesive story mode that recounts the entire franchise history. While the story serves as a backdrop for the action, the cutscenes provide an engaging experience unique in a fighter.

The game boasts an array of modes, from Arcade and Survival to Tag Challenge and Throwdown, offering varied challenges and replay value. Visually stunning and technically impressive, Dead or Alive: Dimensions stands as one of the finest handheld fighters to date. With silky smooth animations, responsive controls, and a diverse roster of characters, it captures the essence of the franchise while pushing the boundaries of the 3DS hardware. It’s a must-have for fighting game enthusiasts regardless of skill level.

3. Blazblue: Continuum Shift II

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II is a standout in the realm of 2D fighting games, maintaining the legacy of arcade classics while delivering a portable experience that dazzles. The game's detailed backgrounds and character sprites captivate, with each fighter boasting unique designs and expressions. The added 3D effect enhances the animations, elevating the visual spectacle to new heights.

The game's music and sound design are also two of Continuum Shift’s highlights, with solid scores and well-dubbed character dialogue contributing to the immersive experience. Controls are responsive and intuitive, mirroring the arcade experience flawlessly. With smooth gameplay and balanced AI, battles unfold seamlessly, offering both challenge and enjoyment.

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II offers a wealth of content, from challenging gameplay modes like Abyss and Time Attack to a plot-driven Story Mode that delves into the rich lore of the BlazBlue universe. While the absence of online play is a disappointment, the game's offline features more than compensate, ensuring hours of engaging gameplay. With its compelling story, superior gameplay, and stunning visuals, this title is a must-buy for fans of the genre.

2.Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Designing the new Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS presented significant challenges, given the franchise's legacy and the limitations of the handheld platform. The roster boasts iconic characters and introduces new faces like Pac-Man and Mega Man. Nevertheless, the nearly 50-strong roster offers variety and depth for players to explore.

The core gameplay remains familiar, focusing on knocking opponents off the stage with a blend of punches, kicks, and special moves. However, the transition to a handheld device comes with adjustments, including smaller stages and potential issues with button layout and camera angles. Nevertheless, this entry to the iconic fighting game franchise.

This entry introduces customization options, allowing players to modify characters' special moves and equip items for stat boosts. Despite adding variety, the implementation feels lacking compared to previous iterations. Smash Run, a new gameplay mode exclusive to the 3DS, offers a mix of platforming and combat but can be frustrating due to its randomness.

Single-player modes like Classic Mode and All-Star Mode return with some enhancements. Stage selection includes new handheld-inspired designs alongside returning favorites. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS’ soundtrack shines with quality arrangements and familiar tunes. This mascot fighting game 3DS offers a commendable effort to bring the beloved franchise to handheld gaming. This is one of the best titles for the system, showcasing Nintendo's greatest battles in a portable format.

1. Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition

The launch lineup for the Nintendo 3DS has been underwhelming for many gamers, with most titles feeling rushed and lacking substance. However, one standout is Capcom's Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, which surpasses its console counterparts in some aspects. Unlike its predecessors, which suffered from controller issues and imbalanced online play, this game offers a more balanced and fair online experience since all players use the same hardware.This portable port of Street Fighter IV is a revelation in terms of graphics, the detailed models and effects are amazing on the 3DS screen. Gameplay is faithful replication of console mechanics.

Sound quality is also crazy good given the quality of the speaker on the 3DS.  The game offers extensive replay value with its wealth of offline content. There is an online component of this game, but it is safe to say, those are kaput as of this writing. 

This entry of the objectively best fighting game franchise retains the core gameplay of its console predecessors while introducing new features tailored for the 3DS. The touchscreen controls, although initially awkward to use, add a unique layer to the gameplay, making combo execution more accessible. With a diverse roster of characters, engaging arcade modes, and collectibles, the game offers plenty of content to explore.

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition remains one of the more solid launch titles for the 3DS (and probably all of the other consoles in history, especially the handheld one), especially for fans of the franchise seeking portable fighting action.