7 Best Nintendo 3DS Racing Games to boost your gaming life

The Nintendo 3DS largely benefited from being able to play DS games. Apparently, there are not much of games in the genre of racing. Yet, these are seven of the best racing games on the dedicted portable gaming device.

Best nintendo 3DS racing games

7. Spy Hunter

Spy Hunter successfully transitions the classic arcade game into a modern 3D format, offering gameplay reminiscent of its 3D predecessors on consoles like the PlayStation 2. Despite its departure from the traditional 2D perspective, the game maintains the core gameplay of the original, providing a familiar experience for both veterans and newcomers. Set in a world where players control a secret agent driving the G-6155 Interceptor, the focus remains on high-speed action and vehicular combat against enemy vehicles and helicopters.

Players navigate hazardous roads while fending off hostile vehicles using a variety of weapons mounted on the Interceptor. With thirteen weapons to choose from and the ability to equip special devices like cloaking devices or energy shields, players have ample tools at their disposal to handle different threats. The game's highlight is the Interceptor's ability to transform into a boat, offering a refreshing twist to gameplay and adding versatility to navigation across various environments, including off-road terrains.

Spy Hunter offers substantial replay value through mission-based gameplay, encouraging players to improve their scores, upgrade weapons, and unlock achievements, making it a worthy addition to the 3DS owners with a longing for racing games. 

6. Crash City Mayhem

Developed by Majesco, Crash City Mayhem offers a unique progression system for a racer as it was inspired by various gaming influences. Divided into six missions, each with multiple difficulty levels, the game challenges players to complete objectives while wreaking havoc on the city streets. There is a diverse mission types ranging from simple thefts to complex surveillance tasks.

Despite its simplicity, Crash City Mayhem boasts a satisfying difficulty curve that gradually ramps up the challenge. Players must navigate crowded streets while avoiding obstacles and enemy ambushes, testing their driving skills and strategic thinking. As missions progress, players unlock new vehicle types, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The game's focus on destruction and high-speed action provides a thrilling adrenaline rush.

Crash City Mayhem offers a fun and entertaining experience for fans of arcade-style action games, delivering fast-paced thrills and high-octane excitement on the streets of Crash City.

5. Proun+

Proun+ offers a unique twist on the racing genre, combining elements of racing, score-based gameplay, and survival challenges. Set on rails, the game allows players to maneuver 360 degrees around the track, providing a fresh and engaging experience. Despite its seemingly simple premise, Proun+ feels distinct from traditional racing games, thanks to its innovative controls and immersive presentation.

The game's difficulty settings add depth and replay value, with each mode offering a progressively faster and more intense experience. Players can unlock higher difficulty options as they progress. For its visuals, Proun+ excels with its diverse set pieces and atmospheric music, creating a memorable audiovisual experience that complements the gameplay.

Proun+ offers plenty of content for its price, including multiple difficulty options and challenging tracks. The game is a solid choice for racing game enthusiasts looking for a unique and engaging experience. With its captivating gameplay, striking visuals, and immersive soundtrack, Proun+ stands out as a worthwhile addition to any gaming library, especially for those with a penchant for racing games.

4. Ridge Racer 3D

Ridge Racer 3D offers a blend of racing excitement and challenges, with its primary focus in Grand Prix mode. Players progress through three difficulty levels, completing tasks and races to unlock new events. With over fifty unique events, the game offers a branching tree of challenges. Racing against seven AI-controlled cars, players must strategically navigate each circuit to catch up to the leader, utilizing drifts to maintain speed and fill the nitrous gauge for boosts.

As players advance, they unlock faster vehicles and earn players points for purchasing new cars and nitrous kits. The game features various modes beyond Grand Prix, including Time Attack, multiplayer races, and replay saving options. The soundtrack, consisting of techno and rock tracks, complements the racing experience.

Ridge Racer 3D provides ample single-player content and enjoyable track design at an affordable price when it was launched. It offers an arcade-style racing alternative for players seeking a break from more competitive multiplayer experiences like Mario Kart. While this entry may not innovate the franchise, Ridge Racer 3D delivers solid racing action and value for fans of the genre.

3. 3D Out Run

3D Out Run delivers impressive graphics due to its utilization of the stereoscopic screen to enhance the racing experience. The game's 3D effects immerse players in the depth of the road, shifting their focus to the distant horizon while maintaining smooth gameplay at 60fps. Additionally, players can choose between different screen stretch options and alternate between earlier and later versions of the game, adding variety and nostalgia to the experience.

In terms of sound, Out Run features classic chiptune music with a Caribbean or Latin-fusion vibe, complementing the beachside setting of the game. The addition of extra radio tracks commissioned by M2 enhances the soundtrack's variety and enjoyment. However, the sound effects and voice components are limited, reflecting the simplicity of the original arcade game.

Gameplay in Out Run offers multiple paths through the game, encouraging replayability and exploration of different course permutations. Players can adjust the game settings to find their preferred level of challenge, although finding the right balance between difficulty and enjoyment may require some experimentation. Out Run provides a nostalgic and engaging racing experience, due to its graphical fidelity, enjoyable gameplay, and nostalgic charm.

2. Mario Kart 7

Mario Kart 7 stays true to its roots while delivering a fresh and exhilarating experience. With 32 tracks spanning diverse environments, from lush jungles to bustling cityscapes. Rainbow Road, a fan favorite, shines brighter than ever, showcasing the game's visual prowess. Mario Kart 7 pushes the console's graphical boundaries, rivaling even its Wii predecessor.

The audio landscape of Mario Kart 7 is equally captivating, with nostalgic melodies and lively sound effects enhancing the racing experience. The amazing audio design adds depth to each race, further immersing players in the colorful world of Mario Kart.

Gameplay remains the heart and soul of Mario Kart, and Mario Kart 7 delivers in spades. With familiar mechanics and an array of classic and new items, including the innovative Lucky 7, the game strikes a perfect balance between accessibility and depth. The introduction of underwater and gliding racing seamlessly expands the gameplay. Coupled with various modes, from Grand Prix to Balloon Battles, Mario Kart 7 ensures hours of enjoyment for both solo and multiplayer experiences.

With its extensive unlockables and addictive replay value, Mario Kart 7 cements its status as a must-have title for any Nintendo 3DS owner, reaffirming Nintendo's enduring prowess in delivering exceptional gaming experiences.

1. Sonic &  All-Star Racing Transformed

Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed is an exhilarating kart racing experience with a Sega twist, and it certainly delivers all racers want in their racing games. While drawing inevitable comparisons to Mario Kart, Transformed stands out as its own unique game with a focus on skill-based gameplay. Featuring a diverse roster of Sega characters and tracks inspired by classic franchises, it offers a fresh take on the kart racing genre.

One of the game's standout features is its emphasis on skillful driving. Each character boasts distinct attributes, requiring players to master the mechanics to secure victory. The drifting and boost systems add depth to the gameplay, rewarding precision and strategy. Unlike some kart racers where luck plays a significant role, Transformed prioritizes driving ability, resulting in satisfying and competitive races.

Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed stands as one of the best kart racers available of all time, offering hours of enjoyable gameplay for fans of the genre. Whether you're a Sega enthusiast or simply enjoy fast-paced racing action, this 3DS port is a worthy addition to your gaming library.