7 Best Nintendo DS Games that Need a Remake to be thoroughly enjoyed again

Nothing rivals the library of the Nintendo DS other than the PlayStation 2. Most PlayStation 2 games anyway have been ported to other platforms. However, due to the hardware of the DS, both with the touchscreen and dual screen, some of the games were not able to ported over at different hardware. Hence, some games may need to be remade for them to be enjoyed again. Here are seven of the best DS games that need a remake.

Best nintendo ds games that need a remake

7. Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger, while not originally developed for the DS, deserves a remake on modern platforms even if the DS version is more than a perfect port. This classic game doesn't require a complete overhaul like Final Fantasy VII Remake; a modern rendition, such as an HD-2D version, would suffice. Whether a remake from the ground up or a refined version, the essence of the game should be retained.

The DS version was considered the best upon release, but the Steam version now surpasses it with updates and mods. A remake would elevate the game even further, making it superior to its current forms. For a literal JRPG G.O.A.T. like Chrono Trigger, a remake would be a welcome enhancement.

6. Personal Trainer: Cooking

While not fitting the traditional game definition, Personal Trainer: Cooking is included in this list due to its exceptional application. This title deserves amplification for a modern audience. Unlike the more playful Cooking Mama, it takes a realistic approach to teaching Japanese dishes. A remake could update and enhance its features, making it more accessible and engaging for users.

The software's unique features, such as inputting available ingredients and suggesting recipes, make it invaluable for planning meals. The hands-free cooking option through voice commands is an innovative aspect that could be refined in a remake. A modernized version of Personal Trainer: Cooking would cater to a contemporary audience because of all the health benefits. It could also offer eternal updates with being the Internet as an inescapable feature of all things running on electricity.

5. Zubo

Zubo, developed by EA, offers a delightful RPG experience but goes unnoticed. The game's strength lies in its charming characters, particularly the adorable Zubos. However, it falls short in terms of story depth and longevity. A remake is justified because of the game's uniqueness and its potential to provide a lighthearted, enjoyable experience.

Zubo's appeal comes from its cute and cuddly characters, offering a refreshing break from more serious RPGs. The remake could address its shortcomings, making it more appealing to a broader audience and bringing back the joy of lighthearted gaming.

Zubo does work well on hardware with touchscreen, although there might be concessions on traditional video game consoles and PCs for such a control scheme. Nevertheless, being a game which had its beginning (and end) on a Nintendo platform, the Switch or its successor could accommodate such gameplay mechanics.

4. Mega Man Star Force 3: Black Ace

Mega Man Star Force 3: Black Ace stands out as the best title in the trilogy, deserving a remake to reintroduce the series. With enhanced features like the Hunter VG and a revamped battle system, the game has untapped potential. A remake could bring these improvements to modern platforms and address the uncertainty about the series' future.

A distinctive aspect of Megaman games is the introduction of unique gimmicks to differentiate each installment. Star Force 3 introduces noise gauges and noise forms, altering gameplay dynamics significantly. When the gauge turns red, players gain options such as Pierce Mercy Invincibility for faster-paced gameplay or Finalizing to assume the form corresponding to their game version. This should be a bit of a problem due to some parts of the previous two games that are worth revisiting that are not available on the third one.

The game's strategic boss battles, Galaxy Advance system, and modifications to the Battle Card system make it a standout title. The captivating story, unfortunately underrated, demands a revival through a remake, ensuring that this exceptional Mega Man game gets the recognition it deserves.

3. SpongeBob SquarePants: The Yellow Avenger

Despite its flaws, SpongeBob SquarePants: The Yellow Avenger remains one of the most entertaining DS games. A remake is warranted to perfect its gameplay and address any issues. With a focus on completing tasks at Bikini Bottom and an extensive world map, the game's potential could be fully realized through a remake.

The solid graphics consistent with the show's art direction, along with the content depth requiring players to complete 99 tasks, make it deserving of a remake. Perfecting the game mechanics and enhancing the overall experience would make it a must-play for SpongeBob fans. Since as it stands, the gameplay is substantially flawed and anyone who experienced playing it will not recommend the game even if they thoroughly enjoyed this game.

2. Fossil Fighters: Champions

Similar to Mega Man Star Force, Fossil Fighters: Champions presents a compelling case for a remake due to its unique gameplay. A remake could improve the game's graphics, which were lacking even during its original release, breathing new life into this entertaining experience. The intuitive controls during fossil cleaning are a major strength that a remake could further refine.

he second game in the series, released in 2010 for the DS. It is a sequel to the first game, set three years later. It expands on the gameplay features of the first game, such as adding more fossils, more vivosaurs, more locations, and more customization options. The game has a new story that follows the protagonist, a new fossil fighter, who participates in the Caliosteo Cup and faces a new threat from a mysterious organization.

The game features 140 vivosaurs, some of which are new, some of which are upgraded versions of the previous ones, and some of which are super evolvers, which are powerful forms of certain vivosaurs. The game also has an improved multiplayer mode, where players can not only battle, but also trade fossils and vivosaurs with each other.

Fossil Fighters: Champions has the foundation of an enjoyable game, and a remake has the potential to turn it into a standout and memorable title. With updated visuals and gameplay, the game was able to regain its charm and captivate a new generation of players.

1. Nintendogs

It's surprising that there isn't a single Nintendogs title for the Nintendo Switch. A remake of the DS and 3DS versions or a new installment would be highly anticipated. The series, with its realistic and interactive gameplay involving various dog breeds, could benefit from modern technology and deliver an even more immersive experience on the Switch.

Nintendogs' unique use of the DS's touch screen and microphone could be enhanced for the Switch, creating a realistic and enjoyable pet simulation. The social aspect of connecting with other players and participating in contests could be expanded, making it a valuable addition to the Switch's library. A Nintendogs remake of all its titles into one package should be amazing. Or Nintendo could have just one title with all the dogs (or cats) being DLC for maximum profit.