7 Best Nintendo DS Sports Games where you can win your championship in two screens

It is indeed awkward to have touch controls in sports games. Yet do not fret, the developers of DS sports games were able to implement control schemes that fit the handheld. Here are seven of the best sports games on the Nintendo DS.

Best nintendo ds sports games

7. Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers

Backyard Sport: Sandlot Sluggers is a sports game packed with content. It offers various modes, including the standard Season, pick-up games, playoffs, and story mode. The Season mode is self-explanatory, while pick-up mode is a quick play option. Playoff mode allows skipping the season and heading straight to the playoffs, with the option to simulate games.

Story mode involves taking a created character through well, a story, about playing against neighborhood teams to recruit captains and eventually facing a team led by a local bully.

In terms of gameplay, it follows the standard baseball game format, incorporating both button and stylus controls for pitching and batting. The performance is also great as it runs smoothly. Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers might not be a world-beater, but it is an extremely enjoyable baseball experience. 

6. Billiard Action

Taking a classic game like billiards and adapting it to a handheld console with two screens and a stylus is ironically a gargantuan task, but Billiard Action for the DS manages to do just that with great results. The touchscreen becomes a crucial element in executing precise shots in this game, allowing players to fine-tune their moves by pinpointing the exact location for hitting the ball. The combination of directional pad, shoulder buttons, and stylus controls offers a satisfying level of control.

The AI in The Billiards is formidable, presenting a tough opponent even on the lowest difficulty setting. Success requires not only technical skill but also strategic thinking and precise timing. The Challenge Mode can be punishing, leading to Game Over screens if mistakes are made. However, the game provides alternative modes, such as Free Mode, offering a more relaxed gaming experience with various playing styles like 9-Ball, Rotation, and Cut-Throat.

5. River King: Mystic Valley

River King: Mystic Valley is another wonderful sporting experience on the DS, particularly for those unfamiliar with the PlayStation 2 or GameBoy or GameBoy Color versions. Players are to fish across 8 diverse spots to catch the elusive River King. This fishing game is especially known for its tight controls, especially with the stylus, as it is user-friendly. Beyond fishing, players can engage in activities like harvesting bugs and flowers to trade for cards, including those representing different fish.

The art direction is cute and vibrant cartoon-like style, creating a visually delightful environment. The auditory experience is atmospheric, as you can hear the birds and insects as well as the running water and waterfalls in the background. River King: Mystic Valley is just that chilly relaxing game, which sounds like an oxymoron for all the adrenaline-pumping sports games. 

4. Tony Hawk's American Sk8land

Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land for the DS surprised many for its great performance for a portable version of Tony Hawk. With its transition to full 3D, it would have been easy to doubt the performance, but it performed well.

The gameplay focuses on earning money through tasks for in-game characters, used to enhance the skate park. The touch-screen facilitates special moves, simplifying combos. Classic mode remains addictive just like its former iterations. As mentioned earlier, Sk8land excels in 3D graphics on the DS, displaying impressive clarity. 

And it does not come as a surprise that the soundtrack is exceptional, featuring recognizable and the bop of that time. The story, presented in a comic book style, is cute. The game's addictiveness and simple fun make it one of the best sports games on the platform. 

3. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

This game brings together the iconic mascots Mario and Sonic in a competition featuring various Olympic events. This game features a bevy of game modes. Single-player modes involve individual events or circuits, each with unique gameplay mechanics. The Circuit mode adds variety by combining multiple events in a row. Mission mode presents specific challenges for each character, contributing to replay value. 

The characters are well-drawn and are animated smoothly. The soundtrack features tunes from both the Mario and Sonic series, while character voices and announcer comments are present. This game is just clean fun, and if you like the game so much, there is also a Winter Olympics edition. The gameplay, similar to the Summer Olympics edition, features various events with distinct controls. Single-player modes include Quick Play, Multi-rounds, Party Games, and the new Adventure Tour with a storyline. 

2. Fifa Soccer 09

FIFA Soccer 09 on the DS successfully breaks the stereotype that football games on portable consoles are lackluster. Unlike previous attempts, this iteration delivers a compelling football experience that rivals its counterparts on the PlayStation 2. The game boasts licensed leagues, a comprehensive five-year manager mode, and robust multiplayer options, including single-card wireless and online play, which is nowadays is kaput. 

The best game mode is the "Be A Pro" mode which allows players to control a single player throughout their career. Visually, FIFA Soccer 09 on the DS surpasses expectations, offering smooth animations and impressive graphics given the handheld's limitations. 

The touch-screen controls are surprisingly competent, enhancing set pieces with intuitive controls for drawing paths and adjusting shot power. The gameplay is surprisingly challenging, requiring players to work hard for victories and making each goal feel satisfying. FIFA 09 for the DS proves to be a definitive choice for football enthusiasts on the platform as compared to all other entries that appeared on the platform. It is an addictive and enjoyable football experience that rivals its counterparts on more powerful consoles.

1. Madden NFL 08

Madden NFL 08 for the DS marks a significant improvement over its predecessors. While Madden 2005 and 2006 offered generic football experiences with limited innovation, Madden 2007 introduced touch mechanics, notably in the kicking aspect. Madden NFL 08, however, presents a more refined and enjoyable football game on the DS.

Game modes offer an array of options, including Play Now, Multi-Player with various modes, and Game Modes such as Franchise and Season. The My Madden section allows for roster management, player creation, and customization, adding depth to the single-player experience.

Madden NFL 08 surpasses its predecessors with detailed player models and improved graphics. The audio, while lacking in music during gameplay, features typical football effects, commentators, and player interactions. Controls, available in both Classic and Touch modes, provide flexibility for different play styles.