7 Best PS Vita Puzzle Games which you can dabble in for your mind's sake

Another surprise on the PlayStation Vita is…there are not many (good) puzzle games to play! We are this close to declare that ‘vItA haz n0 Gam3zz!’ but the portable console really had a lot of games. There are seven of the best puzzle games on the handheld when they are not that many to begin with.

Best ps vita puzzle games

7. Escape Plan

Escape Plan is a quirky and charming puzzler that stands out with its beautiful black-and-white graphics and unique aesthetic. The game features two adorable characters, Lil and Laarg, who attempt to escape from the evil mastermind Bakuki across 78 intricately designed rooms. The game's visual appeal is complemented by a classical music score and humorous sound effects.

The gameplay revolves around solving puzzles by guiding Lil and Laarg through various obstacles using the Vita's touch controls. The puzzles are diverse and inventive and each room presents an entirely new challenge. There is this funny level that involves tapping a coffee machine to give Lil super speed. 

Escape Plan may not be a world-beater in the puzzle genre but it is one of the more creative puzzles sprinkled with some silly humor. With its blend of style, charm, and inventive puzzles, Escape Plan is a great addition to the Vita's library, and that should be it since no sequel had been made as of this writing.

6.Quell Memento

This inventive puzzler puts players in control of a blue bubble navigating various obstacles to paint tiles blue. With its overhead perspective and movement restricted to bouncing off walls, the game requires strategic planning to progress through its stages. This simple yet engaging concept would have been a hit in the early '90s. But it is never too late, for this game, and for you to experience this game now.

As players advance through Quell Memento's 150 stages, they encounter a mix of new obstacles and objectives, ensuring the gameplay remains fresh and varied. From collecting dots to manipulating tiles and breaking ice blocks, each of the nine areas introduces unique twists that challenge puzzle-solving skills. Hidden jewels and warp zones add further layers of complexity and replayability, encouraging players to revisit completed levels to discover all the secrets.

Quell Memento's strength lies in its diverse puzzle designs and atmospheric music. The story, involving tidying an old man's house, serves as a backdrop but doesn't detract from the core gameplay. The game's interface is clean, and though the graphics are simple, the overall presentation is polished. The soothing music enhances the experience, making it a perfect game for on-the-go play. With its rich variety and nostalgic feel, Quell Memento stands out as a memorable and enjoyable puzzle game for handheld.

5. Lemmings Touch

Lemmings Touch attempts to revive the all-time classic 90s puzzler with a mix of old and new elements. The game retains the core mechanics of guiding the lemmings safely to the exit by assigning them skills to overcome obstacles. The addition of mischievous lemmings adds a new twist, but overall, it sticks too closely to the original formula without introducing significant innovations.

Lemmings Touch is vibrant and colorful with its new touched up graphics in this rendition. It may look like a mobile game, but that is a complement not an insult. The character models are simple yet lively, with distinct color palettes for different types of lemmings. The backgrounds are bright and varied, ranging from candy-themed mountains to Egyptian ruins, and the game runs smoothly even with numerous lemmings on screen. The sound design includes high-pitched lemming voices and a mix of public domain music tracks which is hilarious. Was Sony broke? 

Gameplay in Lemmings Touch is true to the original, with players moving through levels, assigning skills, and avoiding obstacles. While touch controls for panning and assigning jobs are introduced, they can sometimes be imprecise and cumbersome. New features like movable items and mischievous lemmings provide some novelty but do not significantly alter the gameplay. The game includes various challenges and customizable outfits, adding some replay value, though it feels more like a mobile game with its coin-based rewards system. Despite its charm and content, Lemmings Touch falls short of being a standout revival, offering a fun yet familiar experience that may not fully satisfy long-time fans.

4. Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz

Some might argue that Luigi's Mansion or Rogue Squadron 2 were the standout launch titles for the Nintendo GameCube in 2001, but the true gem was Super Monkey Ball. With its engaging challenges, tricky puzzles, and charming visuals, it was a highlight of the launch. However, the series hit a low point with Super Monkey Ball 3D for the Nintendo 3DS, which reduced both difficulty and content, raising concerns about the series' future.

Responding to these concerns, Sega revived the classic appeal of the series with Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz on the PS Vita, of all platforms. The game returns to its roots, offering danger-filled levels that require precision and skill. Players roll a monkey in a ball through intricate stages, collecting bananas and navigating perilous paths with moving platforms and tight corners. The game introduces themed worlds like toy castles and model dinosaurs.

Banana Splitz also incorporates successful elements from previous games, such as secret exits and mini-games like Monkey Target. New mini-games and features, like creating custom levels using the Vita camera and sharing them with friends. Online leaderboards and multiplayer options enhance the competitive aspect. Despite some clumsy menu navigation, camera issues, and awkward gyro controls, the game successfully recaptures the series' essence, providing a satisfying experience for both fans and newcomers.

3. Angry Birds: Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars is a mobile game ported to the PS Vita, featuring puzzle-based gameplay that combines the popular Angry Birds mechanics with a Star Wars theme. The game loosely follows the Star Wars storyline, presenting key scenes with characters replaced by Angry Birds, and levels themed around different Star Wars planets. The narrative is minimal, as expected for a mobile game, but the integration of Star Wars elements adds charm to the very familiar gameplay.

The birds and pigs are given Star Wars makeovers which is a fun twist to the classic characters. Environments are inspired by iconic Star Wars locations. Gameplay in Angry Birds Star Wars remains true to the original Angry Birds formula, where players use a slingshot to fling birds at structures and pigs. The game introduces "hero" birds with unique abilities based on Star Wars characters.

Angry Birds: Star Wars offers a large number of levels and star-based rewards, but the experience can feel a bit empty and more suited to short, casual play sessions typical of mobile gaming. Nonetheless, fans of Angry Birds will find familiar enjoyment in this Star Wars crossover.

2. Tetris Ultimate

Tetris Ultimate is a must-have title for the sole reason that it is Tetris. Initially released on consoles and 3DS, the Vita version arrives free of the performance issues that marred its PS4 debut, and it includes the DLC pack available for PS4 and Xbox One right from the start. This makes the Vita edition arguably the most complete version of Tetris Ultimate. The core Tetris gameplay remains as timeless as ever, with its iconic music and enduring appeal.

The game's appeal lies in its diverse game modes and vibrant presentation. Besides the classic Marathon mode, where you progress through levels with increasingly fast drop rates, there are modes like Sprint, Ultra, and Time’s Up that add a time-based challenge. Sprint requires clearing forty lines as quickly as possible, Ultra gives you three minutes to score points, and Time’s Up involves clearing lines to gain extra time. Additional modes like Landslide, Battle, and Battle Ultimate offer multiplayer fun, with AI opponents available for solo play. The standout is Haunted mode, where players must rely on memorization to place blocks as the lower screen remains obscured for most of the game.

Tetris Ultimate lives up to its name with a rich feature set that caters to both new and veteran players. Tetris Ultimate's combination of classic gameplay and new challenges makes it a standout title for the Vita, sure to delight fans around the world.

1. Lumines Electronic Symphony

Yes, there is a better puzzler than Tetris: Lumines Electronic Symphony. This puzzle game is a highly enjoyable falling block puzzle game set to electronic and techno soundtracks. Unlike Tetris, Lumines features 4x4 blocks made up of two colors that players must match to form larger blocks, which are then cleared by a line that passes through the board. The game includes a tips section to help new players understand the mechanics and features abilities activated by tapping the rear touchpad.

The game boasts an upbeat and exciting soundtrack, and these are complemented by bright and dynamic visuals that change as players progress and clear blocks. Lumines Electronic Symphony’s combination of music and visuals creates an experience that no one can get from any other game.

Lumines Electronic Symphony offers unlimited replayability, making it ideal for both quick sessions and longer, more intense playthroughs. As players improve, their game sessions naturally extend, with the Voyage mode lasting up to an hour for more skilled players. This easy-to-pick-up game, combined with its depth and challenge, makes it a must-buy, can't-miss puzzle game for any Vita owner.