7 Best PS Vita Sports Games whenever you feel you are at your physical prime

Sports games are aplenty on portable gaming systems. Surprisingly, this is not the case with the PlayStation Vita. Here are seven of the dying breed of sports games on the platform that once synonymous with life. 

Best ps vita sports games

7. Let’s Fish! Hooked On

Let's Fish! Hooked On is a highly engaging and tournament-themed fishing game that is unique in its mechanics fishing experience. Players choose a character, engage in dialogue, and participate in an extended tournament where they must meet specific fishing requirements to advance through the ranks. The game's progression system is somewhat unconventional, as players can still progress despite performing poorly in earlier stages. As players climb higher in the ranks, the fishing requirements become increasingly difficult, restricting certain types of fish and sizes.

The actual fishing experience in Let's Fish! Hooked On is particularly challenging and rewarding. Players can fish in a variety of locations, ranging from lakes to unusual spots like beneath a freeway. The game involves a dynamic fishing mechanism where players need to carefully manage the tension on the line and use the Vita's tilt function to catch fish. This sensitivity and the need for precision make the game demanding but highly satisfying when players successfully reel in a massive fish. The learning curve is steep, but mastering the controls and techniques makes for a highly enjoyable experience.

Let's Fish! Hooked On offers a wide selection of lures, each with unique visuals and functions. The game suggests specific lures for each fishing session, and many lures are available to unlock. The graphics are competent, featuring detailed characters, fish, and underwater environments. The protagonist, a cute anime girl, adds a unique charm to the game and should cater to the otakus out there. Let's Fish! Hooked On is a fun and challenging fishing game that offers a great combination of engaging gameplay and appealing visuals.

6. Football Manager Classic

Football Manager Classic is a gargantuanly feature-rich handheld version of the beloved Football Manager series. This game allows players to dabble further to their management addiction, only this time on-the-go. By the way, this game has cross-save functionality with the PC version, which was incredible. The Classic mode, which has been a popular alternative to the main career mode on PC, fits perfectly on the Vita, offering a streamlined yet comprehensive experience. 

For the visuals, the Vita port closely resembles its PC counterpart, which of course, why not? It is not an action game to begin with. Some say, it is a glorified Excel game, but what game is not? The Vita port though is incredibly optimized to its small screen with its clever adjustments. The main menu ribbon is hidden but easily accessible, maximizing screen space. The touchscreen interface allows for PC-like navigation, but precise touches are necessary, which can be problematic for those with larger fingers. Despite these minor issues, the core gameplay elements, such as transfers, tactics, and match day management, remain sublime.

The 3D match engine on the Vita version is impressive, maintaining most of the graphical quality and functionality of the PC version. Football Manager Classic is a commendable companion to the PC version and a strong standalone game. It successfully delivers the addictive management experience that fans love, now in a portable form.

5. FIFA Soccer

There are a number of FIFA footbal games on the Vita, every single one of them is amazing. FIFA Soccer represents all of them as it is the most compact. Its controls closely mimic its console counterparts, making it accessible for both veterans and newcomers. Touchscreen features enhance accessibility, allowing players to tap to pass and swipe to shoot, although traditional controls remain an option for those who prefer them.

The game still offers deep gameplay and an extensive selection of teams and leagues, ensuring plenty of content for players to explore. The Career Mode, a staple of the franchise, lets players manage every aspect of their team's development, from creating players to guiding their careers either as a player or manager.

On the field, FIFA Soccer for the Vita delivers smooth gameplay with authentic player animations and responsive controls. The game features detailed stadiums, realistic player reactions, and a polished presentation, bolstered by a soundtrack that complements the gameplay experience. Online play adds another layer of depth, offering leagues and multiplayer matches with minimal lag. Again, such online component may not be the same as compared to the time this game was released. 

FIFA Soccer for the Vita is a successful adaptation of the popular franchise to handheld gaming. Its blend of traditional and touchscreen controls, deep single-player modes, and impressive visual and audio presentation make it a must-have for both soccer enthusiasts and Vita owners seeking a compelling sports gaming experience on the go.

4. Hot Shots Golf: World Invitation

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational for the PlayStation Vita, is not just an excellent sports game, it is also as an exceptional launch title. Despite the series' reputation for being a temporary diversion until more significant games arrive, this installment is a must-have for golf game enthusiasts and even Vita owners. It offers a vast single-player mode with challenge and stroke play, Ad Hoc and Infrastructure play for multiplayer, and an Internet mode that allows global competition. The game's extensive content, including various courses, characters, items, and play style options, is incredible value for the money. 

The main single-player mode takes players from rookie to pro through a series of 9- and 18-hole course challenges, unlocking head-to-head duels against boss-like opponents. As players advance, the difficulty increases, requiring patience and skill to succeed. The game provides comprehensive tools for making precise shots, and mastering these tools is crucial for progressing through the tougher courses and online matches. Daily tournaments also add to the game's replay value.

World Invitational maintains the series' traditional three-point swing mechanic but introduces new controls using the Vita's touch panels and gyro sensors. These additions offer innovative ways to interact with the game, such as measuring distances and inclines in real-time. The game is rich with unlockable items that enhance gameplay, including characters, clubs, and balls that can be leveled up. Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational blends arcade accessibility with simulation depth, making it the most comprehensive and enjoyable entry on a portable. 

3. MLB 15: The Show

MLB 15: The Show marks the fourth edition of the series on this handheld console, aiming to replicate the success of its home console counterparts. MLB 15: The Show, was entirely digital. Despite the inconvenience since space is a premium on the console due to the pricy storage, the digital-only version is priced attractively half the cost of the previous year’s entry of the franchise.

The game retains most of the beloved modes such as Franchise, Postseason, Home Run Derby, Road to the Show, and The Show Live. Players can still transfer their Road to the Show progress between consoles via cloud services. The Home Run Derby mode supports online play, allowing players to compete with others in real time. The visuals have seen improvements with smoother edges and finer details.

In terms of gameplay, MLB 15: The Show offers a variety of control schemes for batting, pitching, and fielding, catering to different player preferences. The game introduces a development-centric style for pitching, making it more accessible to new players. The most notable addition is the enhanced animations, which bring a more realistic and broadcast-like experience to the game. Fielders move more naturally and perform more dynamic actions. MLB 15: The Show compensates for its limitations with a compelling price point and solid improvements, making it a worthwhile portable baseball experience which was never experienced again.

2. OlliOlli

OlliOlli is a deceptively simple-looking side-scrolling skateboarding game with retro pixel art and seemingly straightforward controls. However, beneath its surface lies a complex and challenging gameplay experience. Players use the left stick or d-pad for jumps and tricks, with additional controls for spins and speed boosts, creating a deep and nuanced control scheme. The game involves pulling tricks, grinding, and navigating obstacles across various levels, each with multiple challenges. The game's difficulty ramps up quickly, requiring players to replay levels repeatedly to master them and achieve high scores or complete challenges.

The game features 25 levels across different themes, each with amateur and pro difficulties, and a "RAD" mode that demands perfect execution of all tricks. This skateboarding game also includes a "Daily Grind" mode, where players compete globally for high scores with a single attempt after unlimited practice runs. Despite its high difficulty, the game is engaging and never feels unfair, though it can become frustrating, especially in certain challenging sections like the snowy military base. This aspect of repeated play to master levels and perform complex combos is central to the game's appeal.

OlliOlli is a must-have for Vita owners, combining the mechanics of skateboarding and platforming with a unique twist on endless runner games. OlliOlli executes its simple premise fantastically, creating a highly addictive and satisfying skateboarding game.

1. Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition

This game exemplifies the PlayStation Vita's potential, delivering a console-level experience on a handheld device. The graphics are outstanding, running at the Vita's native resolution with superb textures and lifelike character skins. Animations are smooth, and the sound quality is solid. The feature that allows players to add their face to a character is a fun novelty.  

The gameplay is truly immaculate as the game offers extensive content and modes. The tour mode functions like an RPG, allowing players to build character stats and clothing through training, tournaments, and mini-games. Other modes like exhibition, arcade, practice, and online play, as well as unique touch screen and first-person modes, providing substantial replay value.

Virtua Tennis4: World Tour Edition is highly recommended for Vita owners, even those who are not typically fans of sports or tennis games. It is the Mortal Kombat of sports games in terms of single-player content. It showcases the Vita's capabilities with its impressive graphics and extensive gameplay options. It is considered one of the best games available for the Vita, a sports game or not.