7 Best PSP Compilation Games to unbundle with joy

For gamers seeking an all-in-one package of nostalgia, variety, and value, compilation games the PlayStation Portable (PSP) is one of the best consoles to host it. These collections of classic titles, diverse genres, and memorable franchises have been a source of joy across the years, and here are seven of the best compilation games on the dedicated gaming handheld.

Best psp compilation games

7. Activision Hits Remixed

Activision Hits Remixed is a compilation of classic Atari 2600 games developed by Activision. The game features a total of forty games, including two Imagic games and two prototype games. The graphics are simplistic for modern standards, but they are still faithful to the originals. The sounds are also spot on, and the game includes some classic 80s tunes from artists like a-ha, Missing Persons, Berlin, and Men Without Hats. 

The controls are mostly good, but there are a few issues with some games that were originally designed for the Atari Paddle controller but the PSP can handle all of them. The game also features a built in HUD for each game, which can be helpful for some games but can be distracting for others.

Activision Hits Remixed is a great retro video game player's dream come true for on-the-go retro fun. The fun is intact, and the retro unlockables and the classic 80s soundtrack make for a true blast to the past.

6. EA Replay

Yet another compilation game from a big game publisher, EA Replay presents a delightful journey back to the past, bundling together a nostalgic assortment of 14 video games initially released on the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Most of the games are faithful preservation of the games' original visuals while only making minor adjustments like replacing button symbols to match the PSP controls. Players can also choose the aspect ratio, either the PSP's native 16:9 screen or the games' original 4:3. This should make everybody happy.

Nothing can be said about the gameplay that was not said before. These games are classics, and the industry moving. They may not be the most advanced or polished games if they are now experienced but at the time of their releases, they are literally miracles.

5. Namco Museum Battle Collection

In this another retro collection, Namco Museum Battle Collection invites you into a nostalgic world filled with classic arcade games and four thrilling remakes, including the iconic Pac-Man. The gameplay experience is divided into two categories: the reworked classics and the original arcade games. The reworked classics present a unique "World Play" mode, where you tackle five levels in each world, each progressively more challenging and visually distinct.

The classic games maintain their original visuals, preserving the retro charm, while the remakes are adorned with smooth 3D graphics, offering a blend of nostalgia and contemporary design. The sound follows a similar pattern, with classic games retaining their original sounds and the remakes featuring updated, sci-fi-inspired audio elements.

Playtime and replayability vary based on your preference, making Namco Museum Battle Collection ideal for short sessions, like during bus rides or breaks. The retro games are perfect for casual gaming, while the remakes offer a more engaging experience that keeps you coming back. This compilation is an excellent addition to your PSP library if you're a fan of arcade classics, making it a worthwhile purchase for enthusiasts.

4. Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded

Capcom incorporates a detailed stat tracking system in their classic games in this collection, which dissects your game performance to an almost obsessive degree. The ability to stretch the screen to match different game orientations is a practical feature that pays homage to the retro era. Unlockable extras like artwork, cheats, and remix soundtracks may not appeal to all but are a treat for Capcom enthusiasts.

The ultimate question is whether the games included in Capcom Classics Reloaded stand the test of time. And yes they do. Obviously, there may be some repetition in the sense that these games are enclosed in certain genres, but it is worth mentioning that these games are limited by the hardware of the time.

Nonetheless, the compilation includes standout gems, like Pirate Ship Higemaru, which has retained its charm over the years. Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded provides players with a trip down memory lane, offering glimpses of an era when coin-op games dominated arcades. While some games have aged well and others may test your gaming mettle, the compilation's nostalgia factor and the convenience of portable retro gaming are undeniable.

3. WTF: Work Time Fun

Work Time Fun might be a curious name for a video game, and it is as quirky as it sounds. This is an engaging collection of mini-games that bring life to mundane tasks. A reinterpretation of the Japanese title "Baito Hell 2000" or "Part-Time Hell," the game invites you into a realm of temporary employment, where the most ordinary activities take on a bizarre, captivating twist.

While some games like Pendemonium involve monotonous tasks like capping ballpoint pens, others, such as Ghost Psychic, challenge your skills in distinguishing real ghost sightings from fakes. Amid these mini-games, you'll also encounter eccentric moments, from drunken ribbon-cutting ceremonies to a pixelated rendition of Auld Lang Syne. Beyond the capitalistic slave-driving, there's an addictive progression system, incentivizing you to earn cash and explore gacha machines for new jobs, tools, and trinkets.

Work Time Fun is a game best enjoyed in bite-sized portions, making it a perfect companion for short bursts of entertainment during your daily commute or while waiting in line. With its surreal charm and satirical humor, this game is one of the best compilations on the PSP.

2. Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection delivers an outstanding gaming experience that pays homage to a timeless classic on its 20th anniversary. The game's story remains as compelling as ever, centered around themes of love and redemption. Unlike some retro RPGs, it doesn't burden players with endless dialogues and exposition, diving straight into moments of danger and jaw-dropping scenes. The narrative of Cecil, Kain, Rosa, and their companions still shines, offering a captivating journey for players.

The gameplay in this collection seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. Exploring towns, fields, and dungeons while engaging in random battles and boss encounters keeps the classic feel of the original intact. The After Years, in particular, introduces a more linear structure with its chapter-based design. This approach streamlines objectives and provides a clear sense of progression. Moreover, the game doesn't fall short in terms of content. The After Years boasts over 30 boss fights in its final dungeon alone, ensuring a challenging and immersive experience for players.

Square Enix's dedication to recreating the game's presentation is evident. The upgraded 2D sprite engine enhances the visuals, rendering sprites, environments, and magic effects with impressive clarity. While it might lack the 3D visuals of the DS version, the 2D aesthetics are visually striking. Additionally, the remastered soundtrack for both FFIV and The After Years is extremely generous with all the goodies that comes with this collection. The option to switch between the new and original soundtracks allows players to savor the nostalgia while enjoying an updated audio presentation.

1. Power Stone Collection

Power Stone Collection for the PSP bundles two of Dreamcast's most cherished titles into one package, delivering hours of thrilling gameplay for fans of frantic 3D fighting games.

The original Power Stone presents a fast-paced 1v1 brawler where players seek to collect the precious Power Stones. The story is minimal, in line with its arcade origins, yet engaging enough to drive your quest to become a god-like combatant. The game's standout feature is the ability to utilize everything in the environment as a weapon, from tables and chairs to light posts. The inclusion of unlockable weapons from Power Stone 2 is a welcome addition. The game's core mechanic revolves around collecting three Power Stones, which transform your character into a formidable force with a variety of super attacks.

Power Stone 2 introduces a party game vibe, offering various modes for up to four players chosen from a total of 12 characters, including those from the first game. In addition to the competitive versus modes, the adventure mode provides an engaging way to collect items, which is essential for the robust item mixing system. With over 130 items to experiment with, from toy hammers to rabbit tails, the gameplay maintains its entertaining and chaotic nature.

This PSP compilation serves as a fantastic addition to any collection and is a must-play for fans of the Dreamcast originals. The Power Stone games are the most requested games to be ported in modern hardware and it was shocking that other than the Dreamcast, it only appeared on the PSP.