7 Best PSP Horror games and be afraid of the dark

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) may have been primarily known for its diverse library of genres, but lurking in the shadows were some truly spine-tingling experiences that could rival those found on other gaming platforms. Descend into the dark and eerie corners of handheld gaming as we unveil a chilling list of the best horror games the PSP had to offer.

Best psp horror games

7. Manhunt 2

Manhunt 2 is horrifying only because it is extremely brutal. This is a dark and violent third-person action game that drowns players in the disturbing world of an escaped mental patient, Daniel Lamb, as he seeks to recover his lost memories. The gameplay revolves around stealth and violence that should make anyone squirm. The game's film grain filter during these kills enhances the eerie mood, despite the modified presentation for an M rating.

The game boasts responsive controls, particularly in firearm combat, ensuring an engaging experience. The story follows Danny's struggle to piece together his past, using a deliberately disjointed narrative that aligns with the character's disorientation. The game's graphics, featuring a scratchy security camera-like style, enhance the atmospheric darkness, and the sound effects and voice acting are solid.

Manhunt 2 is not for everyone due to its mature themes and explicit content, but for horror fans, this could be the dead limit of what you can take.

6. Hysteria Project

Hysteria Project is a captivating homage to 80s horror and classic FMV games. Played entirely from a first-person perspective, the game thrusts players into a room where a mysterious hooded figure leaves you tied up with the ominous promise of returning to finish you off. The main goal is to escape this room and the surrounding forest.

Gameplay in Hysteria Project is straightforward, revolving around Quick Time Events and player choices from an option list. For example, early in the game, players break free by selecting a sharp object, triggering a Quick Time Event where players must press the correct button prompt to succeed. Fail, and it's game over. After escaping, a thrilling chase through a forest ensues, where a single mistake could mean capture by a relentless axe-wielding pursuer. The game offers intriguing puzzles and challenging sequences, delivering a relentless adrenaline rush.

Hysteria Project's only notable negative is that it is short. Well, it belongs to the PlayStation Minis program where there is a file size limit for a game of 100mb. The good news is, an unlockable feature after completing the game and even a sequel in Hysteria Project 2.

5. Death Jr. II: Root of Evil

Death Jr. 2: Root of Evil takes the franchise in a campier direction, with Death Jr. and his friends on a field trip that goes awry. The story incorporates more voice acting and character development. While not a graphical masterpiece, the game maintains a good level of detail and variety in enemies and environments. The character design is solid, and the CGI cutscenes are impressive.

The addition of voice acting, including Death Jr. is a welcome one. Sound effects are decent, and the music, though not epic, complements the game well. The game shifts from a hub-based structure to a stage-based adventure, with a more linear approach. This change simplifies secrets' discovery but makes the game feel somewhat more constrained.

The gameplay combines platforming and action effectively, with weapon variety and new additions like playing as Pandora. The game offers around 5-6 hours of gameplay to unlock everything, providing an enjoyable experience for fans of the horror genre, though it falls slightly short of being a must-own title for the PSP.

4. Obscure: The Aftermath

Obscure: The Aftermath is a horror game set in Fall Creek University, where students face terrifying creatures and mysterious threats to their college life. The story introduces a likable cast of characters, each with unique abilities that contribute to the group's survival.

The game offers a classic third-person horror experience, combining puzzles and combat reminiscent of titles like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Players must solve puzzles, manage limited resources, and engage in cooperative gameplay. While some puzzles may require assistance from guides or walkthroughs, the game generally strikes a balance between challenge and enjoyment.

The game's graphics and sound design are highlights, with FMV cinematics enhancing storytelling and in-game dialogue creating immersion. The music, featuring compositions by the Boston Symphony Orchestra, adds to the game's atmosphere. The game's humor and dialogue, while occasionally cheesy, maintain a horror genre spirit and prevent the story from taking itself too seriously.

One of the game's most notable features is its lengthy gameplay, offering hours of content suitable for both casual and dedicated gamers. Obscure: The Aftermath is well-suited for the PSP, allowing players to experience a console-quality adventure on the go.

3. Dead Head Fred

Dead Head Fred is a unique and twisted PSP exclusive game that offers a fresh take on the action-adventure genre. Players assume the role of Fred Neuman, a private detective who has lost both his life and head due to his involvement in a mysterious case in the grimy town of Hope Falls. The game's defining feature is Fred's ability to swap heads, each with its own unique abilities, offering an engaging and original gameplay mechanic.

The game's strength lies in its captivating and well-written storyline set in the atmospheric and noir-inspired setting of Hope Falls. The dialogue is witty and humorous, complemented by excellent voice acting. The blend of various genres, including horror, science fiction, and pulp, contributes to the game's intriguing narrative. The music, featuring the Boston Symphony Orchestra, adds depth to the game's ambiance, while the graphics and sound effects enhance the overall experience.

The gameplay is solid, offering a mix of combat, platforming, and puzzles. The ability to switch between different heads keeps combat engaging. However, some platforming sections may become tedious, and the linear storyline limits replayability. Despite this, "Dead Head Fred" is a must-play for mature gamers who appreciate a well-crafted story, engaging characters, and unique gameplay mechanics. It offers a distinct and memorable gaming experience, making it a worthwhile addition to any PSP library.

2. Corpse Party

Corpse Party is a Japanese horror adventure game that finds its way into the hearts of those who appreciate a chilling and emotionally charged narrative. Set in the dreaded Heavenly Host Elementary School, it follows a group of students who inadvertently transport themselves into a nightmarish dimension after a forbidden ritual goes awry. The story unfolds across five chapters with shifting perspectives among the characters, making it easy to connect with the well-developed and likable cast.

The dialogue is sharp and thoughtfully written, adding depth to both the characters and the unsettling school environment. The choices players make have dire consequences, contributing to a pervasive sense of suspense and emotional engagement.

Gameplay revolves around exploration, puzzles, and choices that impact the story. While the puzzles offer engagement, some can be perplexing, leading to moments of frustration. The grid-based movement, paired with the inability to run, can be awkward, particularly when fleeing from malevolent spirits. The game's save system, reliant on candles as checkpoints, can necessitate replaying sections due to unfavorable outcomes, notably in later chapters.

1. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories distinguishes itself from its predecessors by offering a unique and compelling reimagining of the original Silent Hill game. While it maintains the core storyline, everything else diverges dramatically. The story centers around protagonist Harry Mason, who embarks on a quest to find his missing daughter in the eerie town of Silent Hill. Despite the commonality of the storyline, Shattered Memories stands as a distinct and refreshing experience. The game's strength lies in its ability to adapt and personalize the story based on the player's choices, making it an engaging narrative that resonates with individuals in various ways.

Gameplay encompasses diverse elements, ranging from exploration and interaction to nuanced choices, heavily intertwining with the game's story. Unlike traditional Silent Hill games, combat is absent in Shattered Memories, emphasizing a focus on psychological horror. This change decreases the level of threat in most of the game, contributing to a sense of security that may appeal to both series newcomers and less hardcore horror enthusiasts. Nevertheless, the true anxiety-inducing moments are reserved for the Otherworld sections, where enemies chase the player. The absence of combat and the need to flee from relentless pursuers create a profound sense of vulnerability and helplessness, which is quintessential in the survival horror genre.

Climax's interpretation of this iconic franchise, though not flawless, stands as a unique entry that successfully engages players on multiple levels. Regardless of whether you are a fan or a newcomer to the series, Shattered Memories is recommended for all horror games fans.