7 Best PSP Open World Games that satisfies your wanderlust

It would be easy just to list all the Grand Theft Auto games in this one, but we are not doing that. This is a list of seven of the best PlayStation Portable (PSP) open-world games, which is hard to do because they are only a handful and most of them are GTAs.

Best psp open world games

7. Driver '76

Driver '76 brings a welcome revival of the classic Driver series to the portable, offering an enjoyable and nostalgic experience for fans of the franchise. While the game's graphics cater to the handheld's capabilities and include detailed vehicle models and diverse landscapes, some compromises are made in texture quality.

Yet it is the music that makes this game a must-play, Driver 76 excels with its groovy '70s soundtrack and spot-on sound effect. The gameplay in Driver 76 retains the core mechanics that define the series. It allows for car customization, including the addition of nitro boosts, and offers a variety of weapons for players to employ, both on foot and while driving.

The game maintains the classic cat-and-mouse chase style, but it introduces unique driving elements. Its real strength lies in its lasting appeal, with a plethora of collectibles, side missions, races, and other activities that ensure a satisfying and enduring gaming experience. For those who are fans of the Driver and Grand Theft Auto series, Driver 76 offers a rare and enjoyable experience on a handheld platform. At the time of its release, this franchise might have been exceeded by different games from different developers, but nothing since this title was released a game with a similar feel.

6. Gun Showdown

Gun Showdown is a Western-themed game that successfully recreates the Wild West experience. The game follows the story of Colton White, who embarks on a quest for revenge after his father's murder, leading players through a range of engaging encounters. While the plot is straightforward, the game effectively immerses players in a tale of corruption and vengeance set in the wild landscapes of Kansas and New Mexico.

Gun Showdown's visuals are impressive, featuring vast and detailed landscapes that capture the spirit of the Old West. Combat is a central element of the gameplay, with a variety of weapons and a "Quickdraw" mode that adds a unique twist to gunfights.

Despite its complex control scheme and a few frustrating elements, Gun Showdown provides an open-world experience in a Western setting. It offers a substantial campaign with a generous number of side missions.

5. Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3, the video game adaptation of the Sam Raimi trilogy, had high expectations to meet after the success of its predecessor, Spider-Man 2. While the next-gen versions received much of the spotlight, the PSP edition had an extended development period and was released alongside the movie's home video launch.

Spider-Man 3, the game, deviates from the film's plot, introducing unique sub-plots involving characters like Morbius and Shriek, in addition to the familiar villains. This alteration allows the game to explore the black suit's origin more effectively. Unlike the film, the PSP version seamlessly integrates the transition to the black suit into the storyline, offering a more immersive experience.

Like its console counterparts, Spider-Man 3 on the PSP offers an open-world New York City for players to explore. The game's combat mechanics surpass those of Spider-Man 2, offering a more satisfying fighting experience. With a camera zoomed out for better visibility and improved targeting, it's easier to engage in combat, counter enemy attacks, and evade foes. While the black suit is accessible, its benefits over the classic red-and-blue suit are minimal, except for a few specific story-driven scenarios.

The PSP's control scheme, like that of Spider-Man 2, employs the directional buttons for camera manipulation alongside the analog nub. Surprisingly, this setup doesn't cause significant issues, and swinging around the city feels natural. Spider-Man 3 on the PSP manages to offer an enjoyable open-world experience, improving upon its predecessors.

4. Retro City Rampage DX

Retro City Rampage DX is an enjoyable journey through a pixelated 8-bit world packed with pop culture references and humorous nods to the past. If you're a fan of classic games and retro charm, this title is bound to bring a smile to your face. Players get to explore the nostalgic streets of Theftropolis, causing chaos and mayhem while trying to find their way back to their own time. The game provides a wide array of missions, arcade challenges, and free-roam gameplay, complete with fun mini-games and an abundance of content, including delightful cameos and references from various sources.

The gameplay mechanics are accessible and enjoyable, whether you're carjacking, engaging in combat, or simply exploring the vibrant 8-bit world. The title's witty references and humor are sure to resonate with those who appreciate retro gaming and nostalgic throwbacks.

Retro City Rampage DX is a delightful trip down memory lane, featuring retro aesthetics and cultural references that will warm the hearts of gamers who appreciate the classics. While the core gameplay remains engaging, the dopamine-triggering nostalgia is its greatest strength.

3. Assassin's Creed Bloodlines

Even if you haven't played the console games, this title provides a solid introduction to the world of assassins and Templars. Altair, the skilled assassin, embarks on a mission in Cyprus to eradicate the remaining Templars who are regrouping and planning to obtain a mysterious artifact known as the Apple of Eden. The story features a variety of colorful characters, adding depth to Altair's quest. The inclusion of formidable bosses to defeat keeps the gameplay exciting.

The gameplay in Bloodlines showcases Altair's impressive acrobatics and parkour skills, making it a joy to navigate the open world. You can scale buildings, leap from great heights, and perform breathtaking takedowns. The game mechanics are straightforward and accessible, with various combat styles available. Altair's arsenal includes his signature hidden blades, swords, and throwing knives, offering a range of options for players. The mix of missions, from fetch quests to stealthy infiltrations, ensures that the gameplay remains diverse and engaging.

Bloodlines also shines in terms of sound and graphics. The soundtrack and voice acting are expected for premiere franchises like Assassin's Creed. Assassin's Creed Bloodlines is a worthwhile open-world adventure game and a great entry point for newcomers to the Assassin's Creed series.

2. The Warriors

The Warriors for the PSP offers a unique game experience, with a compelling story set as a prequel to the movie. Players assume the role of a small gang from Coney Island striving to make a name for themselves. The characters are well-crafted, providing unique perspectives, and the narrative is filled with engaging challenges and encounters, faithfully aligning with the movie's iconic story. The graphics are commendable and remain visually faithful to the console version.

The inclusion of voice acting from the movie's cast adds authenticity, and the soundtrack, featuring songs from the film, elevates the atmosphere. The dialogue is skillfully delivered and imbued with elements of humor. The game's controls are mostly effective, with the only minor drawback being camera control, especially concerning the use of the left shoulder button for both movement and sprinting.

The gameplay in The Warriors is a significant highlight, offering an array of exciting activities. Players can engage in intense combat, using items like beer bottles to pummel opponents. The command system allows for the strategic direction of fellow gang members during various challenges. The game excels in high-stakes situations, where players must flee from the police while rival gangs launch attacks. The extensive replay value is driven by numerous bonus objectives, a Rumble Mode filled with mini-games, and the option to create custom gangs. With cooperative and competitive 2-player modes, the game offers a comprehensive and engaging package.

1. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

All of the PSP Grand Theft Auto games should be ranked number one in this list. However, we can choose only one and that is Liberty City's throne. Obviously, set in Liberty City before the events of Grand Theft Auto 3, the game follows the story of Tony Cipriani as he navigates the criminal underworld. While some may find the story offensive, why are you playing Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories to begin with?

High-speed pursuits through Liberty City's streets are a must-experience for any open-world fans. The controls take full advantage of the PSP's button layout, allowing for precise weapon targeting, vehicle handling, and camera management. The sense of freedom and exploration is well-preserved, offering countless opportunities to engage in thrilling activities, including reckless driving and public disturbances.

The graphics are a standout feature, with detailed 3D models and a vibrant city atmosphere. The sound is another highlight, featuring radio stations, voice acting, and music. It is not a Grand Theft Auto game without a high level of production.