7 Best PSP Puzzle Games where you can exercise your mind

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) is not really known as a library full of puzzle games. Yet, there are still puzzle games that are worth playing. And it is very innate for this genre to stand the test of time, here are seven of the best of them puzzlers.

Best psp puzzle games

7. Mercury Meltdown

Mercury Meltdown, the sequel to Acher Maclean's Mercury and a PSP game that introduced a Monkey Ball-inspired gameplay twist, builds upon its predecessor in several ways. It retains the core mechanic of guiding a blob of mercury but enhances the overall presentation, offering a more vibrant and colorful visual experience. 

While the fundamental concept remains consistent with its predecessor, Mercury Meltdown elevates the overall gaming experience with significant enhancements in various aspects. The most apparent upgrade is in its presentation. The graphics take on a more vibrant and cartoony style, deviating from the original's aesthetics, and adding a fresh layer of charm to the game. The stages, while seemingly simple, are ideally suited for this genre, allowing the player to focus on the mind-bending puzzles.

The lasting appeal of Mercury Meltdown rests in its abundant number of levels, surpassing those of its predecessor. Mercury Meltdown deserves commendation for its improvements over the original, particularly in terms of visuals and additional content. The gameplay loop of chasing high scores per level just never gets old. 

6. Bomberman

Bomberman has been a beloved classic for many gamers, and the PSP version manages to capture the essence of this explosive experience. With over 100 levels to tackle, the gameplay remains true to its roots: you strategically plant bombs to eliminate creatures and progress. What sets this version apart is the ability to store upgrades like items, adding depth to the classic formula. This twist allows for more strategic gameplay and provides a fresh take on the Bomberman experience.

The graphics have received a modern update, transitioning the game into a 3D format, which works well for a portable system. While it doesn't push the boundaries of graphical capabilities, it's visually pleasing and does justice to the Bomberman legacy. Sound-wise, Bomberman isn't typically known for its audio, and this version maintains that tradition with simple and familiar sound effects, although a bit more variety in the background music could have enhanced the experience. They already did so much in the visuals, so why not the music?

What truly shines in this PSP version is the replay value. With numerous levels to conquer, the game keeps you engaged for the long haul. 

5. Lemmings

Here is another all-time classic: Lemmings. The game retains its core mechanics, requiring you to guide the charming green creatures to the exit while assigning them various roles. The updated graphics give the game a whimsical, claymation-like feel, even though the small PSP screen can make things a bit challenging. The cheerful, whimsical music complements the game's light-hearted mood, despite its cruel twists of fate, like squishing or drowning Lemmings, which somehow manage to induce laughter.

Controls are well-executed, with simple commands using the d-pad, analog nub, and L and R buttons. Players are able to navigate their cursor with the d-pad, making selections where Lemmings may be clustered. The analog nub helps in moving the screen for a better view, while L and R let browses through options for the Lemmings.

This game is about getting the cute green Lemmings to the exit. Players need to switch their roles at times, turning them into climbers, builders, bombers, or floaters, depending on the obstacles they face. The game starts simple but becomes increasingly complex with more restrictions, such as limited job upgrades and time constraints. Lemmings offers over 100 stages, level creation, and downloadable content.

4. Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

Puzzle Quest initially raised doubts with its unique fusion of RPG and puzzle genres, but it quickly proved to be an exceptionally addictive and captivating experience. This game has the power to keep players engrossed for hours on end, whether during work breaks or in the comfort of home. With battles that can extend beyond 20 minutes, it's easy to lose track of time.

Upon starting the game, players select from character classes like Druid, Wizard, Knight, or Warrior, each offering distinct skills and strategies. The tutorial simplifies the learning curve, as the gameplay revolves around matching gems on a grid, seemingly straightforward but rich in strategic depth. It necessitates careful planning and tactical thinking, resembling chess more than a typical puzzle game.

The backgrounds and character design are visually appealing, although some may find the sidebar statistics a bit small. Puzzle Quest's ingenuity earns the respect of gamers, making it one of the most original and innovative titles in the gaming industry. Its gameplay depth and thoughtful execution of storyline and strategy make it a standout game. There may be a game like Puzzle Quest in these modern times but none of them has this level of polish.

3. Echochrome

Echochrome is an innovative game that challenges players to manipulate the camera perspective to guide the character through intricately designed puzzles. The game's core mechanic involves altering the camera to connect seemingly distant platforms and create the illusion of a continuous path for the character. Echochrome's uniqueness shines in its ability to make players think in unconventional ways, testing their spatial awareness and perspective skills.

While the game's demo might raise questions about potential monotony and visual strain, Echochrome ultimately overcomes these concerns. The full game impresses with its beautiful visuals and hauntingly melodic soundtrack, contributing to a serene yet thought-provoking atmosphere. The simplicity of gameplay, which revolves around controlling the character through camera angles, conceals a depth that gradually unfolds as players delve deeper into the experience.

Echochrome offers a substantial number of well-designed levels and ingenious challenges. The ability to create and share custom levels through the level editor extends the game's replayability. If you seek a unique, mind-bending experience that defies conventions, Echochrome is that game.

2. Bust-A-Move Deluxe

Bust-A-Move Deluxe marks a significant addition to the franchise, being the first true portable version of the classic puzzle game, that is, it is a game that is developed from the ground up for the PSP instead of being a port of a console title. While it may not be without its flaws, it stands on equal footing with its console and arcade counterparts, promising an addictive gaming experience comparable to the acclaimed Lumines on the PSP.

The game introduces an array of new gameplay modes, marking a significant expansion not seen since Bust-A-Move 4 in 1998. The Classic Mode remains, but players can now enjoy novel challenges such as the Running Launcher Puzzle and the Shot Puzzle, adding depth and variety to the gameplay. The only noticeable drawback is the game's slightly slower pace in comparison to its predecessors.

The graphics have been enhanced for the PSP's widescreen capabilities, preserving the vibrant visuals from the original. However, the game takes a slight hit in the audio department, with a departure from the cheerful and upbeat musical style of previous Bust-A-Move titles.

Bust-A-Move Deluxe is a must-buy for fans of the series and puzzle enthusiasts. It's an ideal companion for extended trips and offers endless entertainment.

1. Lumines

Lumines, a gem among puzzle games, stands out due to its engaging gameplay mechanics and captivating design elements. In this Tetris-like puzzle game, players must manipulate falling two-by-two blocks to create squares of the same color, which are cleared when a scrolling meter passes over them.

The game's simplicity is balanced by its depth, as players discover new strategies to create larger combos and develop a keen sense of timing. The puzzle gameplay becomes almost meditative, engrossing players and transporting them to a Zen-like state of concentration, where every move matters.

Lumines also excels in its presentation, with vivid, ever-changing graphical skins and reactive audio design. The game's mesmerizing trance/techno soundtrack complements the visual elements, creating a holistic sensory experience.

Three single-player game modes, including Challenge, Single Skin, Versus, and Puzzle, offer diverse gameplay experiences, keeping players engaged for hours. Versus mode introduces competition against the AI, where quick thinking and combo skills are essential.

This PSP game combines classic puzzle mechanics with modern design and is a must-have for any PSP owner looking for an addictive and captivating gaming experience in the puzzle genre.