Check Out This Chiptune Cover of the Tears of the Kingdom Theme

Get ready for a blast of nostalgia.

We're more than thirty years removed from the debut of A Link to the Past and its massive influence is still felt today (see: countless pixel-art top-down RPGs and the entire chiptune genre). So, we weren't surprised when we heard someone redid the main theme from Tears of the Kingdom in 8-bit style. I mean, we did just do a piece on another impressive tribute to old-school Zelda. People simply love that era of video games.

Uploaded to YouTube by New Age Retro Hippie, the tune comes with a video featuring trailer footage from the latest Zelda game. In keeping with the theme and era, the video has been appropriately pixelated and desaturated, giving it that distinctive Game Boy look. Of course, the real star of the show is the deconstructed music, which is sure to trigger waves of nostalgia for anyone who grew up playing Game Boy games and A Link to the Past.

Pixelated footage of the Tears of the Kingdom trailer, shot with a Game Boy Camera.

Source: New Age Retro Hippie on YouTube

The video's description reveals a few more interesting facts about how the video was made. The track you hear was played using the synth internals of an actual Game Boy. Also, the trailer footage was captured using a Game Boy Camera, taking the whole bit to unnecessary levels of authenticity.