Dead By Daylight Best Steam Deck Settings

Immerse yourself in the chilling atmosphere of Dead By Daylight with the best Steam Deck settings.

As darkness descends and terror takes hold, the Steam Deck becomes your door into the heart-pounding world of Dead by Daylight. In this guide, we unravel the best settings for Dead by Daylight, fusing spine-chilling visuals with fluid gameplay. Discover the delicate equilibrium between atmospheric immersion and competitive advantage, as we fine-tune your Steam Deck for the ultimate survival experience.

Dead By Daylight Best Steam Deck Settings

Compatibility Settings
Proton VersionProton 8.0-2
BIOS Settings
UMA Frame Buffer Size4G

The default version of Proton causes annoying micro stutters in Dead By Daylight. You can fix this by switching to the latest version of Proton available in the game's compatibility settings before launch. If you haven't yet, jump into the BIOS, too, and raise the UMA Frame Buffer Size to 4G.

Recommended — Balanced Settings (Native@40fps | ~1h45m)

Performance in Dead By Daylight has been great since it became officially Verified on the Steam Deck. So long as you're running on a version of Proton 8, you'll get super-smooth framerates without a hitch. These settings use the game's Medium preset as a base with a few tweaks. Then, we added the 40Hz framerate and refresh rate limiter to maximize battery life.

Go ahead and unlock the framerate and refresh rate if you want to play the game at 60fps — the Deck manages it just fine. Also, be sure to increase the in-game frame limiter to 90fps, as locking it to 60 introduces strange micro stuttering. Just know that you may lose a bit of playtime on a charge with these settings.

In-game Graphics Settings
Quality Medium
Auto-adjust Disabled
Resolution 100%
Fullscreen Disabled
Steam Deck Performance Menu Settings
Refresh Rate40
Framerate Limit40
Allow TearingOff
Half Rate ShadingOff
Thermal Power (TDP) LimitOff
Manual GPU Clock ControlOff
Scaling FilterLinear