Deep Rock Galactic Best Steam Deck Settings

Optimize your Deep Rock Galactic experience on the Steam Deck with these expert-recommended settings to maximize performance and immersion.

Deep Rock Galactic is the first-person shooter roguelike starring a team of silly dwarves on a planet-hopping mission to mine the galaxy dry. Now with the Steam Deck, you can take your spelunking adventures on the road with you. Rock and stone!

It's no secret that Deep Rock Galactic is a CPU hog, so we'll need to make a few tweaks to the graphics and power settings to get the best results. Just follow the best Steam Deck settings for Deep Rock Galactic listed in this guide for the ultimate rock smashing experience!

Deep Rock Galactic Best Steam Deck Settings

Compatibility Settings
Proton VersionDefault
UMA Frame Buffer Size4G

For most players, Deep Rock Galactic runs out of the box with no issues. If you're getting a launch error related to Microsoft Visual C++, add the following command to the game's launch options:


If you haven't yet, consider bumping up your Steam Deck's VRAM allocation to 4GB from the bios. Deep Rock Galactic uses a lot of VRAM, so increasing this setting may net you better performance.

Best Performance Settings (720p@40fps | ~2h)

Deep Rock Galactic struggles to hit a stable 60fps at maxed-out settings even on mid-range PC setups, so don't expect the very best visuals on your Steam Deck. Fortunately, the art style ensures the game looks good even at lower settings. The game also supports native FSR 2.0, which makes it look even better than native on the Steam Deck's 7-inch screen.

With these settings, you can expect a constant 40fps in almost all sections of the game. Technically, your Steam Deck can even get 60fps in some areas, but it's hit-and-miss. If you're willing to accept a bit of instability, go ahead and turn the refresh rate and the frame rate limiter up to 60, otherwise, 40 offers a good compromise of stability and smoothness.

In-game Video Settings
Texture ResolutionLow
Shadow QualityMedium
Post ProcessingLow
UpscalingFSR 2.0
Steam Deck Performance Menu Settings
Refresh Rate40
Framerate Limit40
Allow TearingOn
Half Rate ShadingOff
Thermal Power (TDP) LimitOff
Manual GPU Clock ControlOff
Scaling FilterLinear