This Dino Crisis Demake Pays Homage to an Underrated Gem

We already talked about a Resident Evil 4 Demake for Game Boy that caught our attention, but honestly, Resident Evil already gets enough love. This time around, we're shining a light on a demake of one of Capcom's underrated gems: Dino Crisis.

Serial demaker @GameboyDemakes on Twitter uploaded this stunning concept art that reimagines Dino Crisis as a turn-based RPG for the Game Boy. They even designed a proper interface, which just makes it more disappointing that this isn't an actual project that's going to happen.

I dare anyone to say they wouldn't have played this game to death back in the day — that start screen alone is incredible! And look at the detail in how the artist recreated the rundown research facility from the first game.

It's clear from the images that this is meant to be a turn-based RPG. In combat, the player can choose to Attack, use an Item, or Run. It's a simple and effective interface with an early-00's future-tech aesthetic reminiscent of Metal Gear Solid.

Source: @GameboyDemakes on Twitter

Dino Crisis often gets described as "Resident Evil with dinosaurs", which, if you've ever played Dino Crisis, you know is a pretty fair summary. Still, 4.4 million units sold isn't bad — after all, not every RE clone can be Devil May Cry. Between all the Dino Crisis and Onimusha games, Capcom are sitting on a cattle farm of imitation Biohazards to milk. But until they get their stuff together and give the people what we want, I guess we'll just have to make do with these super-clever demakes.