Disco Elysium - The Final Cut Steam Deck Settings

Dive deep into the gritty and atmospheric world of Disco Elysium on the Steam Deck with these recommended settings.

Disco Elysium is a cerebral detective RPG heavily inspired by the text-based RPGs of old. Set in a fictional, Europe-ish metropolis still healing from a bloody revolution, Disco Elysium plops you headfirst into this simmering melting pot of dissonant ideologies and cultures just moments before it reaches boiling point.

Because Disco Elysium is split up into distinct chapters, playing it almost feels like losing yourself in a good book. Like any good book, you can enjoy Disco Elysium wherever and whenever you like thanks to the Steam Deck. And with just a few tweaks, you can get more playtime from a full battery. Here are the best Steam Deck settings for Disco Elysium - The Final Cut.

Disco Elysium - The Final Cut Steam Deck Settings

Compatibility Settings
Proton VersionDefault

No changes are needed to launch Disco Elysium. Hit play and jump straight in!

Performance Settings (Native@30fps | ~3h)

Disco Elysium looks amazing on the Steam Deck but is surprisingly power-hungry. Thankfully, it's text-heavy, so you don't need the full 60fps to enjoy it.

Limiting the framerate to 30fps greatly boosts playtime without degrading the gaming experience too much. This also allows us to set a TDP Limit of 8 Watts for maximum battery life.

In-game Settings
Display ModeWindowed
Text Size*Max
Environment FXHigh
Dynamic ShadowsOff
Shader QualityBrilliant
*Set to your preference
Steam Deck Performance Menu Settings
Refresh Rate60
Framerate Limit60
Allow TearingOn
Half Rate ShadingOff
Thermal Power (TDP) LimitOn
Manual GPU Clock ControlOff
Scaling FilterLinear