Disney Dreamlight Valley Best Steam Deck Settings

Unleash the magic of Disney Dreamlight Valley on the Steam Deck with these optimal settings.

Disney Dreamlight Valley pulls from decades of Mouse-branded whimsy and magic to bring us familiar farming sim gameplay with that inimitable Disney touch. And with the Steam Deck, we can take Mickey and pals with us wherever we go.

Fortunately, Dreamlight Valley runs great on the Deck, but this is Linux, and there are a million ways to tweak Steam OS for an even better gaming experience. Read on to find the best Steam Deck settings for Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Best Steam Deck Settings

Compatibility Settings
Proton VersionProton Experimental

I was able to boot into the game without making any changes to the game or system settings, but some users have reported their systems requiring Proton Experimental to launch into the game. To stay on the safe side, we're recommending going into the game compatibility settings and forcing Proton Experimental.

Best Quality Settings (720p@40fps | ~2h20m)

At the time of writing, Disney Dreamlight Valley does not support resolutions with a 16:10 aspect ratio. By default, the game runs at 720p, which looks great on the Deck but results in black bands on the top and bottom of the screen.

These settings use the game's Medium Graphics Preset as a base with a few tweaks to ensure the system maintains a steady 40fps in all areas.

In-game Video Settings
Display ModeWindowed
Resolution Scale1
Refresh Rate60Hz
Graphics PresetMedium
Shadow ResolutionLow
Distance QualityMedium
Texture QualityDefault
Steam Deck Performance Menu Settings
Refresh Rate40
Framerate Limit40
Allow TearingOff
Half Rate ShadingOff
Thermal Power (TDP) LimitOff
Manual GPU Clock ControlOff
Scaling FilterLinear