Building a Retro Chic Game Boy Collection with Cassette Cases

Show off your handheld library in the most nineties way possible.

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It's been more than twenty years since Nintendo stopped producing its little, gray box and nearly as long since developers stopped printing games for it. Cartridge prices have skyrocketed as a result, but one underestimated side effect of the increasing rarity of Game Boy games is the rising prices of empty game boxes.

That's a big problem if you're the type who enjoys displaying your games. Most of us have a collection of old games sitting in a cardboard crate somewhere; their game boxes are long gone, tossed out the day they were opened. That leaves just the bare cartridges in various states of condition, which aren't as appealing as boxes on a bookshelf.

While searching for homes for my cartridges, I was taken aback by the exorbitant prices of Game Boy game boxes. However, during one of my deep dives on Reddit, I stumbled upon a fascinating solution that not only adds a touch of cuteness but also captures the genuine retro charm of these classic games: cassette boxes.

r/Gameboy - Finally getting my Gameboy collection sorted! 😁 Using the cassette tape method to organise my carts.

Source: u/rofuto_ltd on Reddit

When it comes to capturing the essence of the 90s, nothing beats Game Boy games in cassette boxes. It's a nostalgic experience that instantly transports you back in time. The best part is, you don't have to break the bank to curate a visually appealing retro games collection. With these affordable options, you can relive the magic of the past without spending a fortune.

As further proof that the Game Boy fan community is amazing, helpful users have made premade templates for cassette covers available online for everyone. If you're interested in exploring this further, I recommend checking out MKnut87's collection. This collection offers an impressive selection of 40 high-quality Game Boy cassette box covers, along with a template that allows you to create your own designs. It's a fantastic resource for anyone looking to showcase their creativity and love for Game Boy aesthetics.