Game Boy Demake Gives Ring Fit Adventure a Slimdown

Burn calories while cutting pixels and bits.

Twitter user @gameboydemakes has created mockups of what a Ring Fit Adventure demake for the Game Boy might look like, and if you've played Nintendo's hit fitness game, you know just how faithful these images are to the original.

One shot shows a recreation of the main menu, complete with a custom pixel art cover design. Another pic offers a look at the in-game jogging segments. Then @gameboydemakes shows us what combat might look like before rounding out the mockups with a shot of the game's husband and wife shopkeeper pair.

Ring Fit Adventure is the first game I got for my Switch. Building on the Wii Fit model of motion controls and mini-games, Ring Fit Adventure makes exercise fun and accessible. I bought the game at the start of lockdowns, and it helped me drop 10 pounds before unchecked pandemic snacking got the better of me.

So, from personal experience, I know that this demake would have to make some major gameplay sacrifices to work. After all, the original revolves entirely around motion controls, which the Game Boy has no accessory for. The only part of you this demake would be working out is your thumbs.

But, hey, I'm not here to be a spoilsport. Who says Ring Fit Adventure can't just be a really good RPG? I love demakes, and this one might be one of the more challenging ones I've seen in a while.

It doesn't look like this particular demake will be going anywhere, but it does raise some interesting questions about what Ring Fit Adventure might look like on older hardware.