This Shovel Knight Demake Makes the Retro Platformer Even More Charming

Shovel Knight and the Game Boy Color is a match made in retro gaming heaven.

In a jaw-dropping display of retro gaming prowess, the talented creator, Bottle Boy (@bottleboygbc on Twitter), has shown off an awe-inspiring project: a demake of beloved indie gem, Shovel Knight, tailored specifically for the Game Boy Color.

Bottle Boy's has totally captured the original look and feel of Shovel Knight, bringing us back to the good ol' days when our favorite home console titles would get pocket-sized ports. But here's the real kicker: this ain't your average mock-up or concept piece. Bottle Boy has gone the extra mile by creating an actual running demo that fires up on real Game Boy hardware.

For context, here's the screenshot of the original scene they recreated for Game Boy:


Source: @bottleboygbc on Twitter

Spot on, right?

Before you get your handhelds out, I've got some bad news: Bottle Boy hasn't released this nostalgic masterpiece to the wild just yet. Probably because, for now at least, it's more a proof of concept than an actual game. According to Bottle Boy, all they've got running so far is a simple scene.

Bottle Boy's Shovel Knight demake for Game Boy Color is a faithful recreation of the original game's charm. The fact that it's playable on an actual Game Boy, this demake is the stuff of retro gaming dreams. Sadly, this is looking to be yet another promising demake that will never leave the drawing board, and we'll likely never get to play it ourselves. What a shame; Shovel Knight vibes perfectly with the Game Boy's form factor and aesthetic.