A.I. Generated Gameboys are...interesting

We asked an A.I. to generate us some Gameboys and the results were interesting

With A.I. image generation being all the rage we wondered what A.I. would draw if we asked if for Gameboys. Here's the results from our exercise.

First things first, when it comes to A.I. generated images, the first thing to know is that it's weaknesses are not only fingers but how many darn buttons a Gameboy has!

This one above is SO cool. It's like a gameboy/switch hybrid where you can plug in the TV and have a controller.

You have to love that unconventional screen above. The little ears could perfectly be a pair of speakers

The above is another consolized version of the Gameboy. Like.

The above makes a LOT of sense. Normal Dpad and buttons but of you need the extra controls just slide it down.

A.I. generated gameboy

The one thing the above has (besides too many buttons) is that top. Really makes this A.I. Generated Gameboy look really fancy

Gameboy Camera? No need. This one has the camera built-in.

The above is one of our favorite A.I. Generated Gameboys. Why? because it's foldable. The top part has holes for the keys and the buttons and once you flip it you have access to the screem.


Hope you enjoyed this inspiring Gallery of A.I. generated Gameboys! Which one was your favorite?