7 Best PS Vita Racing Games where you can go drive wild

Racing games are one of the genres that produce eternally playable games. It is just the nature of the machine that a racer be released in the 90s but yet still is more than decent today. Here are seven of the best racing games on the console that meant l

Best ps vita racing games

7. Air Race Speed

Air Race Speed that should take the attention of the fans of the beloved F-Zero franchise. This simple racing game excels where it counts: the sleek spaceships handle superbly, the courses are challenging yet fair, and the emphasis on time trials and star ratings ensures high replayability. These elements combine to deliver a genuinely enjoyable racing experience on the Vita.

The game's graphics are not only stunning but also crucial to its gameplay; navigating through intricate courses would be impossible without the clarity of the path everyone’s ablazing. The futuristic landscapes and fast-paced action are rendered flawlessly.

While Air Race Speed may not achieve the legendary status of F-Zero in gaming circles then and now, especially given its single-player focus, it undoubtedly carves out a niche among Vita owners. Within this community, the game is poised to be cherished for its engaging gameplay, meticulous design, and impressive visual performance. For fans of futuristic racing looking to satisfy their need for speed on the Vita, Air Race Speed is only one of the two.

6. ModNation Racers: Road Trip

The popular kart racing franchise, ModNation Racers: Road Trip, brings the popular kart racing franchise to the beloved handheld. The game features robust creation tools divided into Track Studio, Kart Studio, and Mod Studio, allowing players to design their own tracks, karts, and racers. While these tools are powerful, they may be challenging for newcomers due to their complexity. Players can engage in career mode, quick races, time trials, and local ad hoc multiplayer, offering a variety of ways to enjoy the game's vibrant racing action.

ModNation Racers: Road Trip visuals are detailed, and the cartoon-inspired environments mirror the quality of its console counterparts. Tracks are well-designed, featuring real-world locations like Chinatown and San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.

ModNation Racers: Road Trip maintains the series' fun and creative spirit while leveraging the Vita's touchscreen capabilities for intuitive track creation.This racer offers hours of enjoyable gameplay and endless creative possibilities for players willing to delve into its comprehensive creation tools and engaging single-player modes.

5. MXGP: The Official Motocross Videogame

MXGP: The Official Motocross Videogame shifts gears from arcade-style thrills to a more realistic motocross experience while retaining an enjoyable core and a wealth of content. Developed by Milestone Srl, known for their focus on racing simulations, MXGP features a robust career mode where racers rise through the ranks of various MX seasons. 

Racing tracks are detailed with bustling environments, from spectators to exotic elements like elephants, although occasional pop-ins and plain ground textures are noticeable. Bikes and riders are intricately designed.

MXGP offers a blend of simulation and arcade mechanics, accommodating different play styles with customizable difficulty settings and physics options. Controlling the bike demands finesse, involving shoulder buttons for acceleration and braking, and the right stick for weight shifting. Learning to navigate through muddy, obstacle-filled tracks while jostling for position is pretty mandatory.

MXGP: The Official Motocross Videogame’s standout feature is its extensive content, including varied game modes like instant races, Grand Prix, and a comprehensive career mode. Progressing through the career from an unknown rider to a recognized MXGP champion is rewarding, with mechanics like gaining fans and signing new contracts enriching the experience. This racing game offers a solid racing experience with substantial content that appeals to motocross enthusiasts and those seeking a deep, engaging racing simulation on the handheld platform.

4. Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Nostalgia alert! Need for Speed Most Wanted should bring back core memories of a longtime fan of the series, offering a near-perfect port of its console counterparts. Initially drawn in by the prospect of reliving the thrill of previous Need for Speed games, the Vita version proved to be a compelling experience during the time when the Vita's game library felt limited. The game retains all the key elements that made its console versions popular, including every race and collectible, with additional exclusive content that enhances its appeal.

Most Wanted (2012) mirrors its 2005 predecessor by allowing players in the underground street racing scene of Fairhaven. To ascend the "Most Wanted List," players must conquer races, collect items, and provoke the police, all while navigating a revamped unlocking system for cars. Unlike previous titles where cars were unlocked gradually, most vehicles are accessible from the start, necessitating the pursuit and carjacking of specific models to advance. 

The introduction of customizable equipment adds depth to the gameplay, offering enhancements like off-road tires or reinforced chassis that alter a car's performance characteristics. Moreover, these upgrades can evolve into "Pro" versions upon achieving specific in-game objectives, enhancing performance without compromising other attributes. This system not only supports strategic gameplay but also amplifies the replayability by incentivizing players to explore various combinations for optimal race performance. Overall, Need for Speed Most Wanted on Vita stands out as a compelling choice for racing enthusiasts seeking a portable, feature-rich experience. Its faithful adaptation of console gameplay elements, coupled with unique Vita-exclusive content, ensures a satisfying gameplay experience. For fans of sandbox-style racing games or those looking for an engaging title to enjoy on the go, Most Wanted on Vita remains a solid recommendation.

3. WRC 5: World Rally Championship

WRC 5: World Rally Championship focuses on the 2015 FIA World Rally Championship series. Developed by a new team, it features thirteen rallies across various countries and offers three competition levels: J-WRC, WRC 2, and WRC. Modes include Career, Quick Stage, Quick Rally, and Rally School.

The game boasts extensive customization options, allowing players to adjust control schemes, difficulty levels, and car handling assists to suit their preferences. The graphics are also gorgeous. The environments are richly detailed with varied terrain and weather effects like snow and rain. Driving views include bumper, hood, cockpit, and various distances behind the car, each offering a different perspective on the action.

WRC 5 is more than a solid rally racing experience with its rich content and detailed environments. Most importantly, it has one of the best gameplay in a racing game.

2. Wipeout 2048

Wipeout 2048, launched alongside the PlayStation Vita, continues the franchise’s tradition of futuristic racing excellence. It delivers everything fans expect from the series: high-speed hovercar races, a variety of events, and a nonlinear progression system where unlocking new content depends on race performance. 

Beyond its single-player offerings, Wipeout 2048 includes multiplayer modes, including online play which, as of this writing, should be non-existent. But it was one of the best aspects of this racing title.The controls were also not gimmicky, relying instead on traditional controls that work seamlessly and flawlessly.

The soundtrack, while typical for the series with its electronic beats, complements the fast-paced action adequately. Wipeout 2048 stands out as the premier racing game on the Vita, showcasing its strengths as one of the platform's strongest launch titles. While it may not single-handedly justify purchasing a Vita, it is probably the game that was most played by those who bought it.

1.  Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed has been on all of the top spot in rankings involving racing games on platforms it was released. Unlike many Vita iterations of console titles that suffer from performance issues and missing features, this game stands out as a remarkable achievement as it mirrors its console counterparts almost flawlessly, offering every track, character, song, multiplayer mode, and unlockables found in the console versions. Obviously, the graphics were scaled back, but the Vita version runs at a commendable frame rate and maintains a vibrant visual presentation that shines on the handheld's OLED screen.

The game's colorful aesthetics pop on the Vita's screen, and its solid performance ensures a smooth gameplay experience. Music and sound is as great as the gameplay, the game excels with its remixes of classic SEGA tunes, catering to fans with a nostalgic nod to titles like Skies of Arcadia. 

The core gameplay is where it’s at, Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed offering intense and challenging kart racing action akin to Diddy Kong Racing. Unlike Mario Kart, the game features balanced weaponry that requires skill to use effectively or dodge, ensuring a competitive edge without frustrating unfairness. The wealth of game modes—from a comprehensive quest mode to standard grand prix and multiplayer options—ensures there's always something new to explore and unlock, promising long-term engagement for players.

This racer not only meets but exceeds expectations for a handheld version of a console game. It's arguably superior in some aspects due to its affordability, portability, and feature parity with its console counterparts. Sumo Digital's accomplishment with this under-the-radar release showcases how a handheld adaptation can deliver a robust and enjoyable racer with all the bells and whistles.