7 Best PS Vita Strategy Games and wait for your turn

Most of the time, dedicated video game handhelds are not the platforms to look for strategy games. That is true with the PlayStation Vita, too. Yet, here are seven of the best tactical games that every strategy heads must play. 

Best ps vita strategy games

7. Natural Doctrine

Natural Doctrine is the Dark Souls of strategy games for its difficulty and unforgiving gameplay, requiring meticulous planning and undying perseverance. This strategy RPG pits players against overwhelming odds, often forcing them to retry levels multiple times to succeed. Its complex positioning and turn-based combat system require careful alignment to maximize damage and steal turns from enemies. 

The combat in Natural Doctrine deviates from typical tactical RPGs by using square areas rather than spaces, with unique mechanics like linked turns that allow nearby characters to act together. The game's cast includes a diverse range, yet typical in high fantasy, characters with specific classes, from sword-wielding warriors and knights to wizards. Players must ensure all party members survive each battle, as the death of any character results in a game over, demanding a significant time investment for each level.

Set in a fantasy world where humanity fights for survival, the game revolves around the scarce magical resource, Pluton. The protagonist Jeff and his allies’ aim is to restore peace and combat evil forces. The game also features a cross-platform multiplayer mode for PS3, PS Vita, and PS4, where players use a card-based system to battle with monsters encountered in the game. Natural Doctrine should be respected for its deep, turn-based combat and remains standing as a unique and formidable entry in the SRPG genre.

6. Rainbow Moon

The strategy games on the Vita are incredibly diverse. Rainbow Moon is an isometric, turn-based RPG where players navigate a vast world map filled with visible enemies, instead of moving from map to map with an anchor world in between. This fresh approach allows for a more seamless exploration and battle initiation which is not the usual with traditional tactical RPGs. 

The game offers a variety of features, including monster battles, merchants, item collection, and boss fights. Weapon and armor upgrades are straightforward, relying on items dropped by enemies. Special skills are crucial for success as they become more powerful with use, allowing for multi-enemy attacks, debuffs, and magic. Some challenges, like navigating a complex dungeon with teleport tiles, may require patience or a guide. Rainbow Moon is recommended for fans of turn-based RPGs and those who enjoy JRPG elements like world maps and character buffs. 

5. Eufloria HD

Strategy games are usually violent. But this entry is entirely for relaxation, although there are still aspects that involve combat. Eufloria HD is a uniquely serene real-time strategy game, offering a calming aesthetic that contrasts with the typically tense battles of the genre. Tasked with spreading seedlings across the galaxy by the Mother Tree, players conquer asteroids and engage in strategic battles. 

The PlayStation Vita's touchscreen controls are used for gameplay, which, while initially requiring some adjustment, is fitting for the core gameplay. The game's relaxing visuals and soothing sound effects create a peaceful atmosphere, making it an intriguing choice for those seeking a different kind of strategy game.

The gameplay involves guiding plant-like armies to conquer various asteroids, utilizing a system where seedlings grow into trees that produce more seedlings. Combat, although automatic, requires careful planning and strategic foresight as players must consider each asteroid's unique stats to breed the best troops. The game's adversaries, the greys, add an element of challenge as players navigate through battles and territorial claims.

Despite its slower pace, Eufloria HD offers an accessible entry point for newcomers to the real-time strategy genre. The tutorials and gradual introduction of mechanics ensure that players can easily grasp the game's systems. The story mode, along with additional skirmishes and the challenging Dark Matter mode, provides ample content to explore. The game's tranquil nature, its unique approach and aesthetic charm make it a delightful experience for those willing to do away with your typical strategy game. 

4. Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited

Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited is the fourth of the mainline series of balls to the wall tactical RPG.  Players can achieve max levels, create overpowered gear, and transform monsters into powerful weapons for devastating area-of-effect attacks. The storyline revolves around Valvatorez, a Prinny instructor, who investigates the disappearance of Prinnies with his companion, Fenrich. The gameplay, which involves top-down, grid-based movement, and deploying units to meet objectives, usually involving defeating enemies.

The franchise is known from its deep item and character management systems. After completing the main story, players enter the post-game, where leveling up items in the item world becomes crucial for success. Each item has its own series of random dungeons, adding significant content and complexity to the game. Characters can level up to 9999, reincarnate to retain stats, and continue improving. They also have skills and evilities (abilities) that can be enhanced, offering hundreds of options for customization. The Cam-Pain HQ serves as a hub for placing evil symbols, gaining bonuses, and interacting with the Senate to unlock new character classes and enhance items.

Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited is renowned for its challenging content and numerous secrets, including the Character World and puzzle-based reimagining of story maps. The game features extensive in-game tutorials to help new players navigate its complexity. Disgaea 4 is a highly recommended SRPG that offers a deep, rewarding experience filled with strategic depth and a plethora of activities to keep players engaged until they are dead. 

3. Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart 

This spin-off from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series introduces unique terminology and characters, which might seem strange to those unfamiliar with the original games. The game begins as a standard tactical RPG, with battles advancing the story as various female generals are recruited. Each general is uniquely designed with distinct personalities.

The characters continue to develop in meaningful ways after joining the party. Increasing a character's Lily Rank unlocks optional cut scenes and deeper characterization, which is essential for achieving the best ending. The item invention system offers customization beyond the in-game store, crucial for tackling the game's more challenging levels. While the final boss isn't overly difficult, success requires thorough preparation in leveling up characters and crafting items, ensuring a rewarding experience for dedicated players.

Hyperdevotion Noire's dialogue is highly referential and humorously self-aware, with characters breaking the fourth wall and making witty comments about game mechanics and designs. The battle system, while simple, incorporates strategic elements like floating and puzzle-solving in varied arenas. The game includes several DLC characters, each with unique scenarios and battles.

2. Frozen Synapse Prime

Set in the futuristic city of Markhov Geist, players take on the role of a tactician for a resistance group, directing battles against enemy teams with specific objectives. The game mixes up scenarios by varying team compositions and objectives, requiring players to adjust their tactics for different situations, whether it's a full-on assault or a cautious approach against sniper-wielding enemies.

The gameplay in Frozen Synapse Prime involves setting waypoints and assigning specific actions to soldiers, allowing for complex plans that unfold over multiple turns. Each turn lasts only five seconds in real time, but players will spend considerable time fine-tuning their strategies. The ability to run simulations helps avoid mistakes, although these simulations do not predict enemy actions. The enemy AI is dynamic, adapting its strategy to counter the player’s moves, which means plans must be constantly adjusted. Some scenarios include hidden enemy movements, adding another layer of complexity and difficulty.

Despite the story's reliance on confusing techno babble, the game’s clean, futuristic graphics and outstanding soundtrack enhance the overall experience. Beyond the campaign, there are skirmish modes with randomly generated levels and asynchronous multiplayer options, allowing for customized and varied battles. The multiplayer aspect, while enjoyable and offering several game modes, can sometimes be disrupted by opponents who abandon matches. Overall, Frozen Synapse Prime is an addictive and strategic handheld game that keeps players engaged with its challenging scenarios and excellent music.

1.Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution 2 Plus

Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 Plus is an extremely addictive strategy game, even for newcomers to the Civilization series. This game effectively approximates the bigger Civilization games in a portable package. The game’s core gameplay allows for continuous sessions without needing to stop mid-battle, making it ideal for handheld use.

With pre-crafted scenarios for each leader that teach players about their historical significance, alongside a random map mode for creating unique legacies through conquest or diplomacy, the game offers a perfect blend of education and entertainment. The inclusion of the Civilopedia feature, which educates players on real-world events as they uncover artifacts, enhances the immersive and informative experience.

Civilization Revolution 2 Plus was actually an advanced message for the upcoming Civilization VI which also has vibrant and cartoony characters, transforming real-world leaders and advisors into instantly recognizable and charming figures. The bright green plains, blue seas, and varied terrain elements create a board game-like aesthetic that is both functional and visually appealing. The UI, while relying heavily on icons, is easy to navigate after a brief learning curve. 

The turn-based setup involves managing units, cities, and resources, exploring the map, researching technologies, and engaging in diplomacy or warfare. Multiple victory conditions, such as technological, economic, cultural, and domination, offer different strategic paths. This game may not be as deep and wide as other games on this list but it’s core gameplay is just a perfect match for the Vita.