7 Best PSP Adventure Games to start your journey

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) is not known for adventure games, but surprisingly, the Vita was. That discussion is for another day, this time around here are seven of the best PSP adventure games. From solving mysteries to exploring otherworldly realms, these PSP adventure games offer captivating stories, challenging puzzles, and unforgettable experiences.

Best psp adventure games

7. Myst

Myst is not the top game on this list because the PSP version does not do justice to this masterpiece. The best way to enjoy Myst is on a PC. Every aspect of this adventure game is better on PC from graphics to controls. Nevertheless, it is very important to recommend this game so that everyone can experience this landmark video game in its best form. The PSP version may not be flawed, but it is still one of the best adventure games on the platform.

This portable adaptation largely mirrors its PC counterpart at the time of its release with only minor enhancements, such as additional content seen in later Myst games. It's a faithful translation in terms of graphics, tasks, and areas.

For those uninitiated, Myst presents an intriguing premise. Players awaken on a mysterious island, greeted by remnants of previous inhabitants. As players progress, they are faced with the choice of either escaping the island or delving deeper into its secrets and embarking on a mission to rescue two individuals trapped within enchanted books. The core experience revolves around solving puzzles and manipulating levers, offering limited interaction.

6. Family Guy Video Game

Family Guy Video Game offers a unique gaming experience that is seemingly incompatible with catering to the fans of the animated series. Can anyone imagine being a family guy fan and into an adventure game? That is a very unique intersection of interests. Those who are not fans of the series will have a hard time liking this game since it has very specific humor, but as an adventure game, it is one of the best on the PSP.

The game is unique in that it offers three types of adventures—stealth, brawler, and shooter action. Mini-games and challenges add variety and humor to the gameplay. The difficulty level varies, providing a decent challenge and replay value.

The game captures the art direction of the show, staying faithful to its source material. It maintains the familiar appearance and voice cast.  The voice acting features the original cast from the show, adding authenticity and humor to the game.

It is incredibly difficult to find a humorous adventure game on any platform. Family Guy: The Video game is one of the few that offers such an experience, and it does it incredibly well.

5. Disgaea Infinite

The Disgaea series is more known for its strategic RPG titles, yet here is a text-based visual novel game. This is not a surprise granted that there is a popular and critically acclaimed platformer based on the IP, Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? Also, it’s Disgaea, the franchise is known for operating out of reasons.

While Disgaea Infinite shares the same world and characters as Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, the first entry in the series, it also introduces characters from Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. In this game, players assume the role of a Prinny, a penguin-like creature representing the reincarnation of a sinful human soul. The storyline branches into multiple endings based on the player's choices and actions throughout the game.

As usual, there is the is witty and entertaining humor, coupled with well-executed voice acting. Disgaea Infinite offers player-friendly navigation and even includes a fast-forward option to skip previously viewed scenes. The game introduces innovative mechanics, such as the TickTock system, allowing players to rewind time and alter events by inhabiting different characters, thus influencing their actions and decisions.

Additionally, players can enjoy the Prinny Commentary, where other Prinnies provide humorous remarks and helpful hints during the game. The Mystery Room, a bonus feature unlocked after completing the game once, holds extra scenes and hidden secrets.

4. Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law

If you're a fan of the show, you will like the game in all its facets as it is able to capture Harvey Birdman's humor, animation style, and sound. The game boasts a satisfying roster of characters, especially the main ones, with a special mention for Mentok.

The most impressive part of Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law is it involves all the original voices from the show, with only a minor absence noticed, such as Stephen Colbert. Phil Ken Sebben's humor remains intact, and the addition of Lewis Black's voice adds to the overall appeal. It also faithfully reproduces the show's distinctive art style.

Harvey Birdman's gameplay draws inspiration from titles like Phoenix Wright. While there are instances where a bit of legal knowledge comes in handy, failing a case can lead to frustration. But the game is as funny as the show, whether it's clever innuendos or hilariously random moments for no apparent reason, the game preserves the show's comedic charm. Despite its thinness in terms of content, as most adventure games are, Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law is undeniably enjoyable, thanks to its humor and fun gameplay.

3. Shadow of Destiny

Shadow of Destiny is a captivating port of the original PS2 game from 2001, renowned for its intriguing storyline. Players take on the role of Eike Kusch, an ordinary man who, after a violent death, finds himself resurrected with a mission to prevent his own demise.

The plot unfolds through a series of time-bending adventures as Eike attempts to outwit a mysterious killer who seems determined to end his life. The game excels in character development, with Eike serving as a relatable protagonist, and the supernatural force behind his resurrections adding an enigmatic element to the story. Aside from those, engaging characters and a richly detailed environment set across various historical periods add to the entire amazing package.

The gameplay offers a unique blend of item collection, character interaction, and puzzle-solving. Players must strategically manage a timer that predicts Eike's next death, adding urgency to the gameplay. Collecting energy cells to power the time-traveling device. While the game provides hints, some players may find them somewhat obscure.

Despite aging graphics, the game compensates with fitting sound effects and an impressive soundtrack. Voice acting enhances character depth, even though historical dialects may not be entirely accurate. Shadow of Destiny offers considerable replayability, boasting eight different endings that significantly impact the narrative. The ability to skip cutscenes streamlines multiple playthroughs, making it an enticing choice for those seeking a time-bending adventure with a captivating storyline.

2. Neopets Petpet Adventures: The Wand of Wishing

Neopets Petpet Adventures: The Wand of Wishing is a surprisingly enjoyable PSP game that defies expectations set by its peculiar title. While the title may seem off-putting, the game itself offers an engaging experience suitable for players of all ages, transcending gender or age-group stereotypes. Despite bearing the Neopets name, the game largely departs from the web-based Neopets universe and focuses on delivering a dungeon-crawling adventure with hack 'n slash elements and light RPG mechanics.

It maintains a charming, light-hearted tone that doesn't take itself too seriously. The gameplay is where The Wand of Wishing shines, featuring a simple yet addictive concept. Players select a Petpet character from a range of choices, each with distinct stats. The game adopts a hack 'n slash and dungeon-crawling structure, emphasizing combat, exploration, and character progression.

Production-wise, the game looks appealing on the PSP, featuring crisp and colorful graphics with detailed environments and cute character models. The absence of character voiceovers is compensated for by the charming, albeit quirky, character sounds.

It is the fun factor and addictive gameplay that makes Neopets Petpet Adventures: The Wand of Wishing a surprisingly entertaining experience. While the story and presentation may fall short, the game's hack 'n slash action, customization options, and exploration opportunities make it a worthwhile play, especially if players can look past the unconventional title and embrace it as a standalone adventure.

1. Corpse Party

Set in Heavenly Host Elementary School, the game follows a group of students who perform a ritual to stay together but end up trapped in a horrifying alternate dimension. They must reunite while navigating deadly traps, ghosts, and their own despair. The game features a gripping narrative with well-developed characters and various endings based on player choices.

While the story is relatively simple, it is well-paced and full of suspenseful moments. The characters' interactions are intense and reveal more about their personalities as the plot unfolds. The game offers a variety of wrong ends and choices that can lead to character deaths, making for a thrilling and suspenseful experience. However, some puzzles can be confusing, and the lack of tutorials may lead to frustration.

Gameplay involves exploring the school, solving puzzles, and making choices that impact the story. Puzzles are a significant part of the game, but some may require trial and error, leading to wrong endings. The grid-based movement and limited controls can be a hindrance, especially during chase sequences. Save points are scattered throughout the game, but the limited number of individual saves per chapter can lead to replaying scenes.

Corpse Party excels in delivering a niche horror experience with a chilling atmosphere and well-developed characters. It may not rely on jump scares but offers an unsettling journey with a Japanese horror storytelling style. It's recommended for horror enthusiasts who can appreciate its mix of gore and cute art style.