73 Gameboy ads to tickle your nostalgia silly

The Gameboy had some nice (and weird ads) here's a collection of 73 to get back to the past

Original Gameboy ads

These are gameboy ads for the original DMG model

Gameboy Pocket ads

Remember Funcoland before it turned into Gamestop? You're welcome.

Gameboy Color Ads

These are actually interesting because for the most part these look like ads straight from the Apple playbook. Minimalistic & consistent.

Ads for specific games GB

Metal Gear Solid Ghost Babel is one of the best Gameboy Games of all time. Also has one of the best graphics of the Gameboy color, and it's no small part because of the anime look. I can see how Marketing just went "Ah sorry this won't Jive with American audiences" and we got this abomination of a Gameboy ad:

Seriously just leave the art alone and add the screenshots.

Below is a Gameboy ad for Prince of Persia. Why is this guy practically naked? We have QUESTIONS!

Gameboy accessories ads

I hope you enjoyed this collection of 73 Gameboy ads, which one did you like most?